I always have a soft spot for walker as well as bulky design and this walker design by matt_0ne hits all of that. Not just the awesome proportion and cool design but if you look closer this was also a digital rendered that looks so realistic which can fooled your eyes.

He also kind enough to provide a building instruction via Repubrick.com on how to make his build, make sure to give him a credit when you make one 🙂

T.O.A.D (07)


T.O.A.D (06)



Steampunk Mech

You may have saw a lot of awesome Steampunk builds using brown and gold colors, but it’s like a breath of fresh air whenever I see a builder using other colors like this outstanding build by Moko (LEGO DOU Moko), but not just the colors alone that makes my eyes pop…the shaping, proportion, and details of this mech and the minifigs are all so good and well thought! Well done, Moko!

You can see more photos and details in his blog here.

Steampunk Mech