Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II

I always respect builders who start by sketching their plan before they start building and Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann is one of them. I knew him quite a long time a go before his build widely known by the FOL community worldwide, his build always looks bulky and sturdy, packed with lots of detail with bright color accent which I like it a lot from the first time I saw his work back then.

This Digueta Mark II is one of my favorite build made by him. Luckily he also share his WIP during the making of this build and I always enjoy when builder share their building process to know what and how they are thinking when they build it.

Here is the process:



My basic sketches for Diguetia Mark II.








And here is the final result:

Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II_D17


Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II


Other important note is, he also cleverly separate each section of his build which makes it easier to carry it anywhere, like this:

Body parts


This is the main body section:



These are the legs:





Body and legs assembled:





The final section is the head:



And finally, when placed in the hangar, just so awesome!

THE DELTA PLUS HANGAR SCENE featuring IWM Type 68 Diguetia





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