I survived, again…

This Iron Builder round will be end on April 7th, but due to time difference I’m not sure when is exactly…hahaha.

Now is April 7th at 1 AM in the morning in my time and this will be my last build for this IB round and also as a closure of a month of exploration I had 🙂

Well, this is a joke which meant to be me after a month of hell fighting the best I can for this IB round. A lot of fun and a lot of new things I learned, but I end up in a hospital due to severe exhaustion…hahahaha 😀

It’s a pleasure to play and fight this round against Rod Gillies which I admired a lot from far back when I just started to building my own MOC. Forgive me Rod if I choose the wrong words or my smack talk have offended you due to my poor English. I’m not good in doing smack talk and puns T_T.

Thanks to Guy and Nannan who are hosting this IB challenge, especially to Guy who convinced me to participate in this Iron Builder duel in the first place 🙂

Most of all, I sincerely thank you to all of you who supported me through this month with all your comments. I truly appreciated and that’s the only thing that makes me kept going on this month of hell. Again, thanks a million ton for you guys! You guys rock!!!

Some note and challenge for me in this round are:

  • Other scrapped idea that didn’t get through which you may find it interesting for you to use:
    1. Large Main Power Line (Micro Scale)
    2. Pesticide Sprayer Handle
    3. Toilet Paper Hanger
    4. Towel Hanger
    5. Zoo Fence (Minifig Scale)
    6. Music Box Handle
    7. Manual Hand Water Pump Handle (Minifig Scale)
    8. N1 Starfighter (Micro Scale)
    9. Tin Can Robot Antenna
    10. Tachikoma (Spider) Hands
    11. Tachikoma (Spider) Legs
    12. Ant’s or Insect’s Antenna (Flik-Bug’s Life)
    13. Micro Mech Bull’s Horn
    14. Snowed Tree Trunks
    15. Dentist Drill
    16. Highliner Train Electric Cable Hook (Micro Scale)
    17. Bus Stop (Micro Scale)
    18. Chair & Bench Legs
    19. Leaf Broom
    20. Car’s Front Grill
    21. Exosuit Controller Joystick
  • I have smaller part inventory from my last IB round, due to many build I made will be needed for my LUG’s display which I can’t break it down and use 🙂
  • No Bricklink and parts order I’d made for his round. It’s quite challenging actually but it’s fun since I need to think harder and can only use what I have in my inventory 😀

At the end, I never care much who wins or loose since I believed this competition have made me comes up with some of my best builds so far, trying something new, and challenge my own limit 🙂

Well, enough with the blabbering…

For behind this build, I’d got this idea when I watched Shaun The Sheep The Movie with my two sons, when the farmer were took to the hospital and there’s an IV pole there. Instantly I thought, hey I can build that using the seed part! Then I thought again, why am I thinking about the seed part when I’m watching cartoon with my sons, oh man this thing really get through me…hahahaha

Other thing behind this build was, those sand blue brick you saw there was all I got, therefore all the scene setup you saw was based on that sand blue brick space. The bed, the window, the curtain was all made based on that space to fit the overall composition.

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_32-01


Here is the final result:

IV Pole





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