Indonesia has the most earthquake country in the world since we are located in the Pacific Ring of fire with a lot of tectonic activity, we have a disastrous tsunami back then in 2004 that sadly kills 170,000 people in Aceh.

As far as I know, until this day there’s no technology can detect earthquake before it happen the only thing that we can is to record when it happened with a seismograph machine, I hope one day we can find the technology and machine to detect it before it happened, for sure it will saves countless life.

Behind this build, as you can see in this photo setup, those are all the tan bricks that I have which was not enough to cover the table needed for the shot nor I have the privilege to make it in a rectangle shape table. Therefore I trick it by using the brick only what’s needed by putting my camera on a tripod and build the tan brick exactly like the perspective shape needed in my camera. As for the wall, I don’t have enough white bricks to cover that size, instead I use plate for making the wall.

One other thing that you might find it interesting is, those black hoses are Non-LEGO. Those are some kind of rubber seal I bought at hardware store. Like what Lord Business and Vitruvius said, it is a relic from the man up stair just like the lollipop stick that Vitruvius held that fit with a minifig hands and can act as a substitute for any LEGO bar and hose piece…hahaha.

I often use that piece since it can act as a substitute for Rigid Hose 3mm but way more flexible, since I need to bend the Rigid Hose if I choose to use it and once it bend it would be hard to formed back to straight and re-use it again and again. It’s extremely rare and difficult for me to find a Rigid Hose at reasonable price at our local Bricklink and secondary market, therefore I only use LEGO made rigid hose if it’s really necessary since I only have limited pieces of those and using a substitute is way more rational, but that’s a personal preferences though, for sure it will bother a lot for purists…hahaha, just kidding 😀

This build is inspired from a real vintage portable seismograph, hope you guys like it 🙂

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_30-01


Here is the tan brick shape, the red line was the only area needed for my camera angle perspective:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_30-02


Here is the final result:

Portable Seismograph

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