IGOR! Turn it on!

I think every monster and Frankenstein fans will know this scene well 😀

The idea actually is just a vintage electricity switch which then I thought it again would fit nicely to present it as a Frankenstein laboratory that happens also fits with the era of this kind of electricity switch.

Besides as the switch I also use the seed part on the Frankenstein’s monster head as electric connector. I’ve been tempted to add more seed parts in this scene, such as for the top of those electric current generator (those trans blue dish thing), or putting the seed part on top of the black machine on the right as an antenna receiver (instead that trans light blue tube), but then again I fear that those extra use of the seed part will dissolve the main idea of the electric switch and I’m not that good and know how to make all of those works in one scene without sacrificing the main idea which is an electric switch.

Other thing that I found quite difficult in this build was, it actually use 2 different scale which as a result there’s a slight forced perspective here. The background on the left is using a minifigure scale, and the foreground on the right with the electric switch panel is using a bigger scale than the usual minifigure.

Besides that it needs 2 different light intensity between the background and foreground for this scene to actually works so the switch can be the main focus in this scene. It’s quite difficult as I failed to achieve that in my previous build.

To achieved it, I had to block and tone down the light coming to the background with a piece of paper so it can have different intensity with the foreground, besides that I use a tripod in this shot and took different light intensity for me to compose it in photoshop which it turned out it helps a lot and I use 2 different shot (with 2 different light intensity) and composed it in photoshop to achieved the final result.

So here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_26-01


And here is the final result, hope you guys like it 🙂

Vintage Electric Switch

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