In every sci-fi era there’s always a dream of a jetpack, and I hope one day it will comes to reality…it would be fun for our legs to get burned ;)…hahaha

This idea was one of the ideas I’ve got that got me very excited since this can be an alternative to make any controller stick in minifigure scale, such as for mech pilot or even for construction vehicles that usually used this lever piece.

One of the thing I like about Iron Builder is that it will force me out of my comfort zone, specially to do theme and build that are less my favorite or themes that I felt I’m not too good at, like steampunk theme which I actually really like and enjoy. Back when I just started building in 2013 I’d made this Steampunk AT-RT as one of my early build. Now though it is a simple build, but I’m happy that I have to revisit the steampunk theme again.

Note that the rotating propeller effect and the light burst are not made in photoshop, it came from actual shots. The rotating effect was using bulb mode shutter speed which I manually rotate it with my finger, for the light burst effect it was achieved using an LED flashlight with slow shutter speed too.

Here is the steampunk era jetpack:
Jet Pack Steampunk


Here is in futuristic era:
Jet Pack Futuristic


Here is the simple photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_12-01


Another thing that I’m not too fond in taking a macro shot is because most of my minifigs are bought in used condition with lots of scratches or sometimes there’s a missprinted production such as fading or overlaped prints that I need to correct it in photoshop that it took times to do it. Here is one of an example of the editing process that I did.

Iron Builder 2016_Editing_13-01




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