Knock, knock. Who’s there?

It would be extremely rare to find a door knocker like this in Indonesia, since most mid-class houses here using high steel fences and brick wall as their fence.

Whenever I start building, I always build based on what the model will be show for. For instance if it is for physical public display, what kind of display table would it be, would the viewer see the model in only 1 side, 2 sides, or all 4 sides. That’s where I always start my build, to make sure I can maximize my build for a specific purpose as needed.

Another example is, if the model will only be show and release as a picture/photo, I always make sure that it would be good as a photo and only build what’s needed for that purpose and this “Door Knocker” is a good example of how I did my things. Hope you may find this as an interesting technique if not quite a ridiculous one…hahaha

Here is the final shot:

Door Knocker


Here is the photo setup and the actual build, kind a ridiculous if you look it as a whole though…hahaha, the thing is I don’t need to build the whole door and only need a part of it, this will saves me time and effort, but not by sacrificing the final result which is a model intended for a shot…and no, I don’t have 1×2 dark blue brick and dark blue bracket, that’s why you only see 1×4 bricks and that’s one of the reason why I’m using this ridiculous technique by laying it on a baseplate instead building an actual vertical door.

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_10-01


Here is another example, my WW2 Titanfall intended for shooting purpose:

Titanfall World War 2


Here is the setup:

WW2 Titanfall


And here is for display purpose with only 3 sides view needed:

WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Angle 1

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