Desk Lamp Series

As for myself, I always prefer to think that Iron Builder is not a duel to beat an opponent but more as a chance to challenge my self and to explore the usage of a specific part that I got as the mystery part, it’s less pressure and more fun for me to think in that way.

Having said that, though this Paint Roller Handle have been used as lamps in the official sets such as Detective’s Office and Master Wu Dragon, it’s too tempting not to explore it as lamps since there are still more possibilities to use this piece as lamps.

So here are some lamps that I’d made using that piece, for sure there are still more other possibilities that you can try for yourself 🙂

Desk Lamp Series


Here is the photo setup. The background is a piece of inkjet paper for printing since the matte surface is great in absorbing light to prevent reflection from the paper that will distract the model.

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_11-01


Every time I did this kind of treatment, “Fake Products Web page”. I actually have to work a lot in photoshop to clean up the dust and scratches since these are micro shot, even a tiny dust will look as big as a stone…hahahaha, but the toughest thing to do was always to change the white color background and to change the light level for all to look the same (since it never are somehow).

Here is the before and after editing. Look carefully at the first six lamps above. I set the White Balance to warm, to make the light bluish grey color of the object look nice, on the other hand it will also sacrifice the white background to more red-yellowish too. The last six below are after all the editing process done:

Iron Builder 2016_Editing_11-02



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