Sometimes in life you’ll find moments of pressure, which can be from works, family, finances, and achievements, those are tough time that we need to walk through cause like what people said…”What can not kill you only makes you stronger!”

Behind this build, it’s my 9th build for Iron Builder duel competition. Though it’s a simple idea and build, but so far I haven’t see an entry yet exploring the seed part in this angle and this way, the cute thing in this idea is that you can really twist (turn) the valve 😉

I wished I could present this gas valve idea with a more complex pipe works using all the 12 paint roller handle piece that I got for the mystery part, but the thing is (like in many cases of mine) those 14 yellow technic connectors that I used there are what I only have, therefore I don’t have a choice to present this idea in a minimalist way, well like what also people said…”Less is More”…but in my case, because I don’t have more…hahahaha…

Gas Valve


Photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_09-01

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