Plowing the Field

One of the most difficult thing to do in Iron Builder is the smack talk, I always enjoyed when other builders did it but it’s difficult for me to write a line of smack talk because of my poor English and I do afraid what I writes would be took as a different meaning from what I intended. This plowing tractor build is no exception, what I found it tougher in this build was what to writes as the smack talk to go along with the build.

For the build it self, this kind of tractor actually is not quite familiar in my country since most of the farms here are planting Padi (rice) that need to be planted submerge in water, but one of the first idea came in my mind when I first gathering ideas for the seed part was it looks like a plowing machine behind a tractor that I saw in movies, so here it is…a plowing tractor, I hope I get it right 🙂

Plowing Tractor


Other angles of the tractor:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-01 Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-02 Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-03


Photo setup:

The table wasn’t enough to take this shot, so half of the baseplates actually hanging off from the tables..hahaha

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-04

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