Cooling Down

When I started to gathered and list my ideas from the mystery parts I got for this Iron Builder round, somehow I get the feeling that we will have some similar ideas specially the first thought and ideas that I’d found…like this Fire Extinguisher idea…hahahaha

The bad side is…whenever I finish a build and took a shot, I never post it right away…I always kept it first and see whether I’m satisfied or not in a day or two, if not I’ll do a reshoot again and again until I’m satisfied.

Well, now we have 2 similar ideas so far…one is the Iron as our first build, and now a fire extinguisher…hahaha, well I took this shot a few days a go. Surprisingly though we have the same idea, we used the mystery part in a different way…so well…nothing hurts to post it anyway…

Fire Extinguisher


Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_04-01

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