Falling in Love…again

Today is my wife’s birthday, and I made this build for her to represent my feeling that though there are lots of fight and problem, each day we’ve passed together when I woke up in the morning I always falling in love again with her, again and again just like when our eyes meet each other when we are dancing through our life together.

As for behind the build, this is my 2nd build for the Iron Builder against Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine). One of my first thought when looking at the seed part that these pieces will looks great for any candle holder/chandelier specially for medieval era and classic style, and this candle chandelier I made is just an example of it, you can explore and try other configuration, whatever it is I bet will looks great just as this piece was meant for it! 🙂

Here is the one that I like so much, using only my desk lamp with warm white light bulb:

Candle Chandelier


Here is the alternate shot and lighting, using 2 professional softbox lighting, it looks clean and okay but I can’t feel the mood, that’s why I dropped this one and choose the one that is using only a desk lamp. The lesson here is that using a professional and expensive photography equipment will not always the best thing to do, sometimes a cheaper and easier way may be the best thing to do depends on the situation 🙂

Iron Builder 2016_Alt_02-02


Here are the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_02-01


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_02-02

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