A Rising Builder

When I first saw Kelvin Low‘s (chubbybots) small mechs and bots back then when he was just a newcomer, you can tell a talented builder instantly. I’m very amazed on how and what he did, knowing that all the pieces he used most are from Mixels sets, but what really caught my interest was his sense of shaping and proportion was just, so, so good!

I told him that in time when he have a larger part collection to build bigger mechs I bet it will be awesome as heck, and yup he sure did which you can find his bigger scale mechs below!

If I can bet to him again (how about a cup of coffee, Kelvin 😉 ), I’m sure that these all are not the end of his limit, it’s just the beginning of his journey to become one of the best mech builder in the world.

weldostribemechmax07 mixelmechs04 yellowknightmech06 JD Frame - 03 lixersframe01


His recent bigger scale mechs:

zvrf08 whiteheadfinal01 dreadnaughtwhammer


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