Rumah Kebaya

This lovely build by Er win (rwinZed) is from a name of a traditional house of Betawi people, an ethnic group from Indonesia (which I live there). The name comes from the shape of the roof, which resembles a fold of the Kebaya form of dress. The fold can be seen from the side of the house.

The main characteristic of this house is its wide terrace, which may serve to receive a visitor and as a place for relaxing. In the past, Betawi society usually made a well in front of their house and funerals took place beside their house.

The wall is made from wooden panel which may be moved horizontally to enlarge the room. The house may be divided into two parts, for example the front of the house may be used as a public area, and the rear of the house reserved for private use.

Rumah Kebaya


For context, here is a picture of the real thing:


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