Mech’s Skeleton

A lot of collector FOL (Fans of LEGO) I’ve known turned to be a builder because of mecha theme, specially Gundam and Japanese Mechas style. There are a lot of technique in building mecha and one of them is using an inner skeleton which then wrapped with separated external armor, this technique would make any changes on the external armors a lot easier.

This awesome MF-01 Cougar made by Moko (LEGO DOU Moko) is a sample of using the skeleton technique.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is the inner skeleton and the external armors.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is another awesome example, Gundam Barbatos made by 한 성욱 (Piggy brother), I’m sure will inspires a lot of FOL.

Gundam Barbatos


Here is the inner skeleton.

Gundam Barbatos


I’m keen to try this technique in the near future for sure, thanks for sharing it guys!


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