Sash Window

Though it seem simple but this clever half-stud offset technique by Yeoh Seng Huat will makes a real difference to your build since in reality most windows usually are sash windows. I’m eager to try this technique 🙂

LEGO sash window


Combined with wall techniques and these are the awesome result:

LEGO sash windows with classical architecture.


Tan LEGO sash window.

Good Morning!

I’m more to a night person, it’s extremely difficult for me to wake up in the morning or to concentrate doing works and things in the morning or day. At night everything seems clear to me, I work faster, think faster and more energetic. It’s a genetic curse I got from my late father. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it…and it’s not the force…darn it! Well everything becomes tougher to adjust and adapt for sure since the world works at day, well I’m doing the best I can each day to live with that…and still, why oh why it’s not the force!

Behind this build, those white technic pin connectors is the color I have the most and that’s all what you see there. If only I have more technic connector I could make a bigger room with a bigger curtain and using all the 12 seed part I have as the curtain hooks, I think it will look more awesome, but sometimes that’s the fun in building LEGO, to think on how to maximizing my part resource to build something or thinking what can I build with my limited part resource, for sure it can’t be an excuse for not to build anything because I only have limited part resource.

Well, enough with my blabbering…here is the final result of the curtain idea:



Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_29-01