ISD Tyrant

You’ll need a lot of love, patience, and a hell lot of bricks to make a huge build like this ISD Tyrant by raskolnikov268. At a glance I get fooled by his awesome editing space scene on how big and detail this beauty is, but when I look the unedited pictures my jaw just instantly drop! It’s such a mind blowing build this is!

ISD Tyrant in Orbit


The table and the room looks so small huh?

Bonus Pic 4: More Lighting or Contrast?


And the details is so well thought:

ISD Tyrant: Engine Detail

Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy

Vesa Lehtimäki is known for his realistic LEGO photography and I think he is one of the best around. Besides building what I love the most is when I took a shot of my build and Vesa’s awesome work is one of the thing that really aspires me to try to take my shot the best that I can, though it still no where near from his work…hahaha.

He just release a wonderful book called Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy and these beautiful shots are some of the shots that are on the book which is a MUST have book! 🙂 You can also visit his photostream to be amazed on all the works he did! 🙂

The Jawa Who Found Trouble


Rough Tatooine Landings


The Millennium Falcon


Rancor’s Sandpit

Star Wars Darth Vader’s Hilt

One of the thing that makes me want to try to build my self is because there are so many awesome MOCs out there that LEGO didn’t make their own official set, including Star Wars lightsabers hilt. It’s been too long I want to make this Darth Vader’s hilt and this build was inspired by a lot of previous builders who have made this kind of brick built hilt which inspired me to try to build in the first time. Thanks a lot guys! 🙂

I hope you enjoy my build on this video:

Star Wars Grand Carousel

Imagine if the imperial army have their own amusement park, I bet this carousel will be one of the main ride. For sure I’ll be standing on the line to wait my turn to try it 😀

This build was made by Anton Budiono, an Indonesian builder which happen in the same LUG as I am. He is a long time fans of Star Wars and have made some interesting Star Wars related build which you can see it in his photostream.

Starwars Grand Carousel


Starwars Grand Carousel


Starwars Grand Carousel

May the 4th Be With You!

It’s already May 4th here and it’s the day where Star Wars fans around the world celebrating their love of Star Wars. To join the celebration, I’ll be blogging several Star Wars related creations 🙂

These figs series was created by a friend of mine Alexander W. He is a low profile custom fig collector with insane collection in his hands. You may have seen a monochrome figs collections before which I personally have my own too, but what makes this monochrome figs unique was because it feature specifically Star Wars characters, which he is a fan of it.

It took a long time for him to get to this point, by patiently hunting for the exact color piece he needs and erase the prints using Brasso.

End of Session 1 & 2


Star Wars Chrome Color Figs

Rey’s NN-14 Blaster Pistol

When I first saw Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, one of the thing that stuck in my head was when Han solo gave a small cool looking blaster to Rey, which turns out comes in handy. I think this awesome Rey’s Blaster made by Lego Admiral is the first one I’ve seen around.

Not just how good he nailed the design and shaping but the details such as those stripes and holes stickers what I think really makes the difference and really nailed the overall look.

This build is so inspiring for me that I really want it so bad to make one too, hope he don’t mind I borrow one or two technique from this awesome build 🙂

Lego SWFA Rey's Blaster

Sudden Trouble

At a glance this build by Ordo will look like just another ordinary vignette, but if you look closer there lots of complicated SNOT (Stud Not on Top) technique being used all over this vignette, from the backdrop wall to the floor.

He used SNOT technique so well in here that everything looks so natural to support the vignette story without stealing the show, and that is not an easy task in my opinion.

One other thing that caught my interest was the floor technique, luckily Ordo shares how he cleverly made that 🙂 Please credit him if you use this technique 🙂

Sudden trouble


Here is how he made the floor:

Floor technique tutorial


Here is other vignette sample made by Ordo using the same floor technique:


Police Lineup

What I like most about LEGO that it could act as a media for expression and creativity in countless way, and one of the thing that we can create using LEGO is comic strip. I found this comic strip a while ago made by Dark Alamez which I think is really funny.

As for myself, I found it difficult to think and create a funny or an interesting story for a comic strip or maybe just a simple scene. I tried several times and it’s tough T_T

Other than that, I also found that it’s quite rare to find a good funny scene or comic strip using LEGO, don’t believe it? Just google it and what you saw there mostly were made a long time ago and the good one is very few. That’s why I always respect those who can made one which I really enjoy it 🙂

Police lineup


One other thing that caught my interest here was that police line back there, I’m curious which I thought it was stickers at first, it turns out those are threads. Luckily he’s not just sharing his trick but also his photo setup which I think it’s very creative by using simple things to setup the lighting! Awesome job man! 🙂

BTS - Police lineup


Jedi Steamfighter

What happen if Star Wars took place a long, long time a go in a steampunk era? Well this happened! This awesome mashed-up made by Zach (zachmoe) was meant as an entry for Steam Wars Contest held at FBTB back then but unfortunately he never got around to finish the hyperspace ring.

For whatever his reason was, I still think this build is so awesome and have the right amount of mashed-up between the two worlds…very inspiring!

Jedi Steamfighter