Singer Sewing Machine

This awesome build by Eugene Tan, a Singaporean builder who specialized in large build – almost fooled my eyes, it turns out not just the sewing machine that was build using bricks but the table and those details on top of it all made by bricks. He said that¬†he built this for an upcoming exhibition and unfortunately nope, he said this can’t be use for sewing…hahaha ūüėÄ

Sewing Machine


Triumph Rocket III

I know I’m too small to ride this kind of bike to looks cool…hahaha (I’m 168 cm btw), but that never holding me back to appreciate the beauty of it.

This beautiful bike made by Henrik Jensen¬†(henrik.soeby) is hitting all the right notes, but what really caught my eyes was those¬†shiny custom chrome that makes this beauty doesn’t look like it was made by LEGO at a glance (in a good way for sure).

You can read his full description here.

Triumph Rocket III  (7)


I never saw this 70’s Atari Pong machine with my own eyes (I’m glad I’m not that old), but this build¬†by¬†Quy Chau¬†(qu√Ĺ) in 2013 looks exactly like the real thing. Now I just wish I had the chance to play it in person back then, it would be so much fun for sure!

Atari Pong