Old Town White Coffee

This awesome building by Ng WY (ToyCrazy) from LUG of Malaysia (LOM) is based on an actual outlet in his home town. He said Town White Coffee was founded in 1999 and has become well known, popular and more than just coffee to the region. The Locals adopted the unique roasting, brewing and stirring techniques based on the traditional way thus creating the unique Old Town aroma.

As for myself, I always enjoy a cup of Robusta coffee in the morning and I hope someday I could taste a cup of this town White Coffee described by Ng WY, it sure sounds really good! 🙂


My Old Town White Coffee_01


My Old Town White Coffee_02


My Old Town White Coffee_03

Dutch Bar & Family Apartment

This Dutch style building made by Barrie Crossan contains a bar on the ground floor and a two-bedroom family apartment on the upper floors. What I like the most besides the overall building and all the details is how Barrie use those Vehicle, Fairing 1 x 4 Side Flaring Intake with Two Pins for the cornice work around the top of the building. Such a beautiful and lovely building!

A Dutch Bar & Family Apartment


Here is the cornice work using Vehicle Fairing piece:

B Right Angle (11)


The building also have a full detail interior:

F Ground Floor (1)

Republic Avenue Mansion House

I do collects LEGO modular building official sets, in fact it was that theme that really brought me back from my dark ages in 2013.

That’s why I always enjoy modular building builds made by FOL (Fans of LEGO) like this one beautiful house by Fichez Valentin. What I really like from this build are the composition and the color scheme that looks calm and nice, all I can think is I wish I could live there. Superb job Fischez! You can read his full description here.