It’s always a joy when I see Omar Gonzalez new racer mech on my feed. His design style, proportion as well as his color combos are so unique and distinguish that it instantly recognizable even before I read who made it.

If you like to participate to make this kind of racer mech style, you can join and add your build in his MRL-Mecha Racing League group here 🙂



I always have a soft spot for walker as well as bulky design and this walker design by matt_0ne hits all of that. Not just the awesome proportion and cool design but if you look closer this was also a digital rendered that looks so realistic which can fooled your eyes.

He also kind enough to provide a building instruction via Repubrick.com on how to make his build, make sure to give him a credit when you make one 🙂

T.O.A.D (07)


T.O.A.D (06)



As you probably know I always enjoy WIP shots to learn how the builder thinks through their building process. This mech by kenny_yan looks like have a great agility and speed with great proportion and such a unique design. It turns out he needs to take a lot of changes to achieve this final design, no wonder the final result is so awesome!



Here is the process he’d gone through:


Cosmic Booster Type

I first knew Chris Darmawan when he posted his technic MOC almost 2 years ago and now we happen in the same LUG (Bhinneka LUG). It turns out he also a Gunpla fans like I am, the difference is he still have the time and patience to paint Gunpla in his spare times besides building LEGO.

The model was based from the Gundam Tiefsturmer, but somehow I like what Chris’ interpretation rather than the real model reference which I think very clutter, but maybe that’s just my personal taste.

This build was made for an entry for Dunia Bricks, an annual public display and competition by our local LEGO distributor which held every March each year. It’s absolutely not a surprise that this build took home the Best Mech category in the competition, well just look at the shaping, details and size of this beauty! So awesome!

Congrats my friend, it’s very well deserved!

Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type

Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II

I always respect builders who start by sketching their plan before they start building and Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann is one of them. I knew him quite a long time a go before his build widely known by the FOL community worldwide, his build always looks bulky and sturdy, packed with lots of detail with bright color accent which I like it a lot from the first time I saw his work back then.

This Digueta Mark II is one of my favorite build made by him. Luckily he also share his WIP during the making of this build and I always enjoy when builder share their building process to know what and how they are thinking when they build it.

Here is the process:











And here is the final result:

Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II_D17


Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II


Other important note is, he also cleverly separate each section of his build which makes it easier to carry it anywhere, like this:

Body parts


This is the main body section:



These are the legs:





Body and legs assembled:





The final section is the head:



And finally, when placed in the hangar, just so awesome!

THE DELTA PLUS HANGAR SCENE featuring IWM Type 68 Diguetia




Small doesn’t mean easy!

Lots of people think small build is easy to make than larger one, though in a way that claimed is true, but to make this small mech with a good shape and proportion like the one made by Greg Strom (Mitten Ninja) it’s not as easy as it seems. Don’t believe me? How about let’s try one then, just for fun 😉

Hellion "Red Devil"


I followed and love the Evangelion anime series, the story is great and the giant bio-machine looks so weird yet so cool at the same time.

This Evangelion build by Moko, a mech-specialist Japanese builder in 2013 is still one of the best LEGO build Evangelion there are in my opinion. Look closely since your eyes can deceive you, the scale of this build is so enormous with 120 cm in height and 9,4 kg in weight!


World War 2 Titanfall

It’s a mashed-up between Titanfall and World War 2, sets in an alternate universe.

This was one of the most difficult and frustrating build I’d made, I guess due to my lack of skill…hahaha. It was my 4th attempt to make what you see as the final build and thanks to this AF4 that I can finally make a bigger mech, that tan building there was inspired by the work of BrickCityDepot.

If you interested, I’d made a video showing the process and breakdown of this build.

Titanfall World War 2


WW2 Titanfall


The Details:

WW2 Titanfall


The Photo Setup:

WW2 Titanfall


On the maintenance hangar:

WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Angle 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 2


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 3


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 4


The Cockpit:

WW2 Titanfall

A Rising Builder

When I first saw Kelvin Low‘s (chubbybots) small mechs and bots back then when he was just a newcomer, you can tell a talented builder instantly. I’m very amazed on how and what he did, knowing that all the pieces he used most are from Mixels sets, but what really caught my interest was his sense of shaping and proportion was just, so, so good!

I told him that in time when he have a larger part collection to build bigger mechs I bet it will be awesome as heck, and yup he sure did which you can find his bigger scale mechs below!

If I can bet to him again (how about a cup of coffee, Kelvin 😉 ), I’m sure that these all are not the end of his limit, it’s just the beginning of his journey to become one of the best mech builder in the world.




JD Frame - 03



His recent bigger scale mechs:




Steampunk Mech

You may have saw a lot of awesome Steampunk builds using brown and gold colors, but it’s like a breath of fresh air whenever I see a builder using other colors like this outstanding build by Moko (LEGO DOU Moko), but not just the colors alone that makes my eyes pop…the shaping, proportion, and details of this mech and the minifigs are all so good and well thought! Well done, Moko!

You can see more photos and details in his blog here.

Steampunk Mech