Fury Road!

I never put high expectation on a remake movie, but Mad Max Fury Road exceeded all my expectation when I saw it. This awesome build made by Eero Okkonen (Pate-keetongu) who’s in my opinion is one of the best in human sculpture builds have captured the main characters so good that makes me want to see the movie again! Well done my friend…and you can visit his blog for more picture of this build…and more!

Fury Road!

Mech’s Skeleton

A lot of collector FOL (Fans of LEGO) I’ve known turned to be a builder because of mecha theme, specially Gundam and Japanese Mechas style. There are a lot of technique in building mecha and one of them is using an inner skeleton which then wrapped with separated external armor, this technique would make any changes on the external armors a lot easier.

This awesome MF-01 Cougar made by Moko (LEGO DOU Moko) is a sample of using the skeleton technique.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is the inner skeleton and the external armors.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is another awesome example, Gundam Barbatos made by 한 성욱 (Piggy brother), I’m sure will inspires a lot of FOL.

Gundam Barbatos


Here is the inner skeleton.

Gundam Barbatos


I’m keen to try this technique in the near future for sure, thanks for sharing it guys!


It’s diplodocus in the Museum of Natural Science in Madrid, has his centennial birthday on December 1st. The madrilenian Dippy is a copy of the diplodocus of the same name in the Museum of Natural History of London, which is a reproduction of a Diplodocus carnegii skeleton found in Wyoming in 1899.

The overall shape and the use of minifig hands for the tail are what I like the most from this dino skeleton made by Víctor M. Nouvilas (| MolochBaal ⟩), so awesome!


Dracula Castle

So much to love in this awesome build by Toltomeja, I can feel the mystery and horror from this build, saying “Come inside and I’ll suck your blood!”. There are lots of interesting details and technique here but what really caught my interest was the roof technique using this Minifig, Footwear Flippers, I think that’s an excellent choice for a Dracula castle.

Dracula Castle - CCC XIII

Scaled Up!

A LEGO pieces made by LEGO pieces! That’s an awesome idea by Matija Grguric (Brick Architect) who made this build back in 2012. I bet he’ll be happy to know that now he can replace the top of the broom’s stick from Dark Tan color to a 2×2 Brick Dome in reddish brown, though it is still a rare piece that only appear in 1 set in 2015’s Friends Heartlake House set.


Lowell Sphere

One of the best all around builder Bruce Lowell have made and published an awesome sphere technique back then in 2012, if you interested you could buy his Sphere Kit here.

This technique is very useful and though there are many plate sphere technique, I believe Bruce’s one is the best since the result is very smooth due to the combination use of Jumper Plate and 2×2 Corner Plate here.

Lowell Sphere Instructions


I used his technique to make this fried chicken build. Such an awesome technique indeed, thanks for sharing this Bruce!

Fried Chicken…anyone?

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach is the code name for one of the five sectors of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944, during World War II.

I always love war and military theme but what caught my interest from this build made by Myles (M&MSteamCo.) was the realistic shore and water effect! The details are amazing and the water looks so real, using tan as the dry sand, dark tan as the wet sand, and trans clear as a top layer of the water.

Omaha Beach


I never saw this 70’s Atari Pong machine with my own eyes (I’m glad I’m not that old), but this build by Quy Chau (quý) in 2013 looks exactly like the real thing. Now I just wish I had the chance to play it in person back then, it would be so much fun for sure!

Atari Pong