Dutch Bar & Family Apartment

This Dutch style building made by Barrie Crossan contains a bar on the ground floor and a two-bedroom family apartment on the upper floors. What I like the most besides the overall building and all the details is how Barrie use those Vehicle, Fairing 1 x 4 Side Flaring Intake with Two Pins for the cornice work around the top of the building. Such a beautiful and lovely building!

A Dutch Bar & Family Apartment


Here is the cornice work using Vehicle Fairing piece:

B Right Angle (11)


The building also have a full detail interior:

F Ground Floor (1)

The Simpsons

There are a lot of build inspired by The Simpsons character which is till one of my favorite cartoon to this day and very suitable for kids…(see what I did there)…hahaha.

This interpretation by SuckMyBrick, who is a specialist in brick character took the character in a more chibi style which I think it gives a fresh breath of air to all the characters! Though all in this lineup are awesome, but what I love the most are Ned, Willie, and Apu that really standout from the rest. Such a great job here!

The Simpsons


Here are each individual character:

Mr Burns






Lisa Simpson


Marge Simpson


Maggie Simpson


Homer Simpson


Bart Simpson




Ned Flanders


Groundskeeper Willie

Stacked Vignette

I actually made this on February for Bhinneka LUG public display at Dunia Bricks 2016. Though it may be small compare to other LEGO con and exhibition around the world, but it’s the biggest LEGO public display in Indonesia which held annually every March.

This was intended as a community build for our local FOL (Fans of LEGO) who interested to join in. This was what we did on 2014 with 52 stacked vignette displayed.

Community Build: Stacking Vignette for Dunia Bricks 2014


For this 2016 year, the result was surprisingly beyond expectation with total of 96 stacked vignette on display which I contribute 8 of them.

Here is the guideline rules that I set for this year. It should be on 8×16 plate with 10 bricks height + 1 plate height on the top:

Stacked Vignette_Template Rules


Here are all the stacked vignette that I contributed:


Stacked Vignette_01: Spongebob


TV Announcer (using LED Flashlight as the fig):

Stacked Vignette_02: TV Announcer


Kill Bill (using custom Kill Bill minifig which I made for MAYnifigure 2014)

Stacked Vignette_03: Kill Bill


Finding Flounder:

Stacked Vignette_04: Finding Flounder


Ping Pong:

Stacked Vignette_05: Ping Pong


Laundry Day:

Stacked Vignette_06: Laundry Day


Wedding Ceremony:

Stacked Vignette_07: Wedding Ceremony


Catch Me if You Can:

Stacked Vignette_08: Catch Me if You Can


Here is when all  of them being stacked:

Stacked Vignette 2016


Here you can see all the 96 stacked vignette by Indonesian builders (at 4:00):


So if you like making vignette and collecting them on your shelves without taking too much space, hope this could inspires you in someway to make your own stacked vignette 🙂

Vintage Bike

City and modular building was the theme that got me back to LEGO again. One of the thing I hate the most is the pre-made LEGO bike from the official set, since I think it doesn’t look like a real motor bike.

This bike was one of the first MOC (My-Own-Creation) I’d made and was inspired by Calin (_Tiler) works, who’s kind enough to give some tips back then, thanks Calin! I’d made a video tutorial on how to make this bike, so you too could also try it at home!

Vintage Bike


Crocodile Dundee

A great photo could make your LEGO looks alive and real, and this scene by Dark-Alamez was one of them.

"Crocodile" Dundee VS Alligator Bambi.


Luckily he was kind enough to share the behind the scene setup, and yes! That’s the magic of photography! How an awesome shot comes from a simple setup (and sometimes ridiculous). Bravo my friend!

Setup for "Crocodile" Dundee VS Alligator Bambi.

Washingtonia robusta Palm Tree

There are many palm tree techniques out there but I think this one made by my friend Jimmy Fortel (6Kyubi6) is one of the best palm tree I’ve seen, which you could try it yourself (I did and the result is awesome). Thank you for sharing this Jimmy!

Lego Washingtonia robusta Palm Tree

(For personal use only. Selling this instruction and reproduction of the models for resale is strictly prohibited.)