DIY Photo Lightbox Tutorial

Before I have all the fancy photography equipment, back then when I was still studying at a design school, we as a broke students have to find ways and more creative to get at least the similar result like the pros for our photography class.

One of the the simple little secret we found back then was to use a lightbox to shot object to look like pros, and here is a video tutorial I made to make a simple basic DIY (Do-It-Yourself) lightbox tips. I hope it can inspires or can helps your photography result in someway ūüôā

World War 2 Titanfall

It’s a¬†mashed-up between Titanfall and World War 2, sets in an alternate universe.

This¬†was one of the most difficult and frustrating build I’d made, I guess due to my lack of skill…hahaha. It was my¬†4th attempt to make what you see as the final build and thanks to this AF4 that I can finally make a bigger mech, that¬†tan building there was inspired by the work of BrickCityDepot.

If you interested, I’d made a video¬†showing the process and breakdown of this build.

Titanfall World War 2


WW2 Titanfall


The Details:

WW2 Titanfall


The Photo Setup:

WW2 Titanfall


On the maintenance hangar:

WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Angle 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 2


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 3


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 4


The Cockpit:

WW2 Titanfall