Sash Window

Though it seem simple but this clever half-stud offset technique by Yeoh Seng Huat will makes a real difference to your build since in reality most windows usually are sash windows. I’m eager to try this technique 🙂

LEGO sash window


Combined with wall techniques and these are the awesome result:

LEGO sash windows with classical architecture.


Tan LEGO sash window.


This amazing Albert Einstein mosaic by Arthur Gugick is not using the common mosaic technique. If you look closer he use not just printed tiles on this artwork but he use only half of the 1×2 printed tiles and stacked on each other to create this awesome portrait. Such an awesome technique here!

Mathematical mosaic 16 of 25

Rockery House

This build was made by deborah higdon who’s one of my favorite builder and in my opinion she is one of the best minifig scale interior builder around. She made this outstanding build a while a go with soooo much interesting thing and awesome details for me to write and show it all here, I suggest you to visit her album and I bet you’ll be amaze! 🙂







This is such an interesting idea, she use gelatin to fill the pool and hot tub, specifically it was knox gelatin packages, mixed with water. Based on what she’d experience, this was meant for public display purpose. The gelatin can last for 3 days if nobody touch it but if often touched it will grow mold on it on day 2.





One other thing that caught my eyes was how cleverly she use Garage Roller Door for the glass wall here, it looks modern and beautiful at the same time.



Here are some furniture she made for the interior with lots of clever part usage:










Sudden Trouble

At a glance this build by Ordo will look like just another ordinary vignette, but if you look closer there lots of complicated SNOT (Stud Not on Top) technique being used all over this vignette, from the backdrop wall to the floor.

He used SNOT technique so well in here that everything looks so natural to support the vignette story without stealing the show, and that is not an easy task in my opinion.

One other thing that caught my interest was the floor technique, luckily Ordo shares how he cleverly made that 🙂 Please credit him if you use this technique 🙂

Sudden trouble


Here is how he made the floor:

Floor technique tutorial


Here is other vignette sample made by Ordo using the same floor technique:


Police Lineup

What I like most about LEGO that it could act as a media for expression and creativity in countless way, and one of the thing that we can create using LEGO is comic strip. I found this comic strip a while ago made by Dark Alamez which I think is really funny.

As for myself, I found it difficult to think and create a funny or an interesting story for a comic strip or maybe just a simple scene. I tried several times and it’s tough T_T

Other than that, I also found that it’s quite rare to find a good funny scene or comic strip using LEGO, don’t believe it? Just google it and what you saw there mostly were made a long time ago and the good one is very few. That’s why I always respect those who can made one which I really enjoy it 🙂

Police lineup


One other thing that caught my interest here was that police line back there, I’m curious which I thought it was stickers at first, it turns out those are threads. Luckily he’s not just sharing his trick but also his photo setup which I think it’s very creative by using simple things to setup the lighting! Awesome job man! 🙂

BTS - Police lineup


The Philosopher’s Stone Vignette Series

If you love Harry Potter, you should check out what Marcel V just done, he was making a series of vignette for the whole month of March, with total 27 delightful vignettes which you can see it in his album here.

But one of the vignette that caught my interest is his Mirror of Erised:

#014 - Mirror of Erised


There are 2 things that I found it awesome besides the vignette itself. One is the use of trans clear piece on black background as mirror, and two is the floor technique invented by legostrator here, kudos to both of you 🙂

floor pattern

Mech’s Skeleton

A lot of collector FOL (Fans of LEGO) I’ve known turned to be a builder because of mecha theme, specially Gundam and Japanese Mechas style. There are a lot of technique in building mecha and one of them is using an inner skeleton which then wrapped with separated external armor, this technique would make any changes on the external armors a lot easier.

This awesome MF-01 Cougar made by Moko (LEGO DOU Moko) is a sample of using the skeleton technique.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is the inner skeleton and the external armors.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is another awesome example, Gundam Barbatos made by 한 성욱 (Piggy brother), I’m sure will inspires a lot of FOL.

Gundam Barbatos


Here is the inner skeleton.

Gundam Barbatos


I’m keen to try this technique in the near future for sure, thanks for sharing it guys!

Lowell Sphere

One of the best all around builder Bruce Lowell have made and published an awesome sphere technique back then in 2012, if you interested you could buy his Sphere Kit here.

This technique is very useful and though there are many plate sphere technique, I believe Bruce’s one is the best since the result is very smooth due to the combination use of Jumper Plate and 2×2 Corner Plate here.

Lowell Sphere Instructions


I used his technique to make this fried chicken build. Such an awesome technique indeed, thanks for sharing this Bruce!

Fried Chicken…anyone?