Singer Sewing Machine

This awesome build by Eugene Tan, a Singaporean builder who specialized in large build – almost fooled my eyes, it turns out not just the sewing machine that was build using bricks but the table and those details on top of it all made by bricks. He said that¬†he built this for an upcoming exhibition and unfortunately nope, he said this can’t be use for sewing…hahaha ūüėÄ

Sewing Machine


ISD Tyrant

You’ll need a lot of love, patience, and a hell lot of bricks to make a huge build like this ISD Tyrant by¬†raskolnikov268. At a glance I get fooled by his awesome editing space scene on how big and detail this beauty is, but when I look the unedited pictures my jaw just instantly drop! It’s such a mind blowing build this is!

ISD Tyrant in Orbit


The table and the room looks so small huh?

Bonus Pic 4: More Lighting or Contrast?


And the details is so well thought:

ISD Tyrant: Engine Detail


It’s always a joy when I see¬†Omar Gonzalez¬†new racer mech on my feed. His design style, proportion as well as his¬†color combos are so¬†unique and distinguish that it instantly recognizable even before I read who made it.

If you like to participate to make this kind of racer mech style, you can join and add your build in his¬†MRL-Mecha Racing League group here ūüôā


Old Town White Coffee

This awesome building by Ng WY (ToyCrazy) from LUG of Malaysia (LOM) is based on an actual outlet in his home town. He said Town White Coffee was founded in 1999 and has become well known, popular and more than just coffee to the region. The Locals adopted the unique roasting, brewing and stirring techniques based on the traditional way thus creating the unique Old Town aroma.

As for myself, I always¬†enjoy a cup of Robusta coffee in the morning and I hope someday I could taste a cup of this town White Coffee described by Ng WY, it sure sounds really good! ūüôā


My Old Town White Coffee_01


My Old Town White Coffee_02


My Old Town White Coffee_03

Dutch Bar & Family Apartment

This Dutch style building made by Barrie Crossan contains a bar on the ground floor and a two-bedroom family apartment on the upper floors. What I like the most besides the overall building and all the details is how Barrie use those Vehicle, Fairing 1 x 4 Side Flaring Intake with Two Pins for the cornice work around the top of the building. Such a beautiful and lovely building!

A Dutch Bar & Family Apartment


Here is the cornice work using Vehicle Fairing piece:

B Right Angle (11)


The building also have a full detail interior:

F Ground Floor (1)


As you probably know I always enjoy WIP shots to learn how the builder thinks through their building process. This mech by kenny_yan looks like have a great agility and speed with great proportion and such a unique design. It turns out he needs to take a lot of changes to achieve this final design, no wonder the final result is so awesome!



Here is the process he’d gone through:


Dreadnought 3.0

This build¬†by¬†Kelvin Low¬†is such a monster with great proportion and shaping even looks tougher and mean than the Warhammer’s Dreadnought which he used as his reference.

One of the thing that I really enjoyed is seeing how he patiently improving and upgrading his build from time to time which in the same time reminding me to not easily satisfied with my own build.

This is actually his 3rd version of the Dreadnought, you can see all the previous version below which you can see what patience (and mad skill of course) can do. I wonder if there will be the 4th version ūüôā



This is his 2nd version:



This is his 1st version:


Star Wars Darth Vader’s Hilt

One of the thing that makes me want to try to build my self is because there are so many awesome MOCs out there that LEGO didn’t make their own official set, including Star Wars lightsabers hilt. It’s been too long I want to make this Darth Vader’s hilt and this build was inspired by a lot of previous builders who have made this kind of brick built hilt which inspired me to try to build in the first time. Thanks a lot guys! ūüôā

I hope you enjoy my build on this video:

Star Wars Grand Carousel

Imagine¬†if the imperial army have their own amusement park, I bet this carousel will be one of the main ride. For sure I’ll be standing on the line to wait my turn to try it ūüėÄ

This build was made by Anton Budiono, an Indonesian builder which happen in the same LUG as I am. He is a long time fans of Star Wars and have made some interesting Star Wars related build which you can see it in his photostream.

Starwars Grand Carousel


Starwars Grand Carousel


Starwars Grand Carousel