I always have a soft spot for walker as well as bulky design and this walker design by matt_0ne hits all of that. Not just the awesome proportion and cool design but if you look closer this was also a digital rendered that looks so realistic which can fooled your eyes.

He also kind enough to provide a building instruction via Repubrick.com on how to make his build, make sure to give him a credit when you make one 🙂

T.O.A.D (07)


T.O.A.D (06)


Minifig Scale Tripod

Making a good tools and stuff for minifig scale isn’t as easy as it looks since adding one small element could be too much and removing one could be too less. It should use the right piece element and use it cleverly like what these builders did.

There are some good tripods around and this one made by Eddy Plu is the most recent I saw who cleverly use levers for the stand:



He also made an instruction on how he did it, if you use it please give Eddy a credit for it:



Here are other awesome tripods that might inspires you. This one was posted last year, made by Tyler who also use lever for the stand:

The Shot


This one is made by benlego, who cleverly use pistol piece and 6 rib handle for the stand:

Lego camera


The last one is made by Michael Jasper, one of my favorite minifig scale builder, who made lots of amazing stuff in minifig scale. He cleverly use some rare parts which are Technic fig hands, Technic Hub, Brick round with Scala based, and Black Technic 1/2 Pin.


Akira: Kaneda’s Bike

If you like sci-fi and haven’t seen Akira (1998), well you should! There are lots of inspiration from that awesome movie, notably the Kaneda’s bike. Though there are a lot of minifig scale LEGO Kaneda’s bike version you can find on the web, but I think this one made by Calin (_Tiler) is the best of it.

He is kind enough to share the instruction on how to make this beauty, but please use the common ethic, which means NO reselling, NO distribution, NO building of models for sale purposes, or else I’ll pray a lot of misfortune coming to you (nop, that’s no joke)!

Akira – Kaneda's Bike


Akira – Kaneda's Bike _14


Akira – Kaneda's Bike _13


Here is the step by step instruction:



If you play LEGO Marvel’s Avengers video game then you’ll be familiar with this 1962 Chevrolet Corvette used by Agent Coulson’s called “Lola”.

Luckily Brickfilmers has recreated and providing an LDD file which you can download it if you interested to make one. Thanks Brickfilmers! 🙂

This picture below is what Lola looks, made by One Badawan based on the LDD file by Brickfilmers.

Lego Agent Coulson's Lola Review

VW Camper Van

I always have a thing with classic cars, though I love it but I don’t have the patience for maintenance. This VW Camper is one of my fave classic car all time due to it’s revolutionary weird (but beautiful) at that time.

Since I’ve bought the 10220-Volkswagen Camper Van, I always wanted to build the minifig scale to be put at my city layout for quite a while and after more than a year I managed to build it in 2014. The front face of the car is inspired by nuno2500 work.

If you interested, I’d made a video breakdown of this build.

VW Camper - Front



I love mech and robot theme and have made several small build no more than 5 inches, but I’d failed several times (like 3-4 times) when I’m trying to make a bigger one since it would required different technique to build it.

When I found this awesome AF4 mech by legorobo:waka (he is a Japanese builder and one of the best mech builders in my opinion). He was kind enough to provide an instruction of his AF4 mech for anyone to download it, there are lots of interesting and awesome technique (no wonder I always failed…hahaha).

Thanks for his generosity, after I followed and recreated his AF4, I finally can build a bigger mech using some of the techniques I found from his AF4. For those who have some difficulties like I did, I would recommend you to try to recreate his build to learn his awesome technique, and if you can read Japanese, you can visit his Blog here for more details.

Thank you, legorobo:waka!

Download Instructions (PDF):
(For personal use only. Selling this instruction and reproduction of the models for resale is strictly prohibited.)

▪ AF4 Head (212KB)
▪ AF4 Body (1.2MB)
▪ AF4 Arms (1.2MB)
▪ AF4 Legs (1.8MB)