Jedi Steamfighter

What happen if Star Wars took place a long, long time a go in a steampunk era? Well this happened! This awesome mashed-up made by Zach (zachmoe) was meant as an entry for Steam Wars Contest held at FBTB back then but unfortunately he never got around to finish the hyperspace ring.

For whatever his reason was, I still think this build is so awesome and have the right amount of mashed-up between the two worlds…very inspiring!

Jedi Steamfighter


The first time I saw this in 2013, I thought it wasn’t LEGO at all since I’d just got back from my Dark Ages and haven’t quite familiar enough with other theme besides Duplo and System (yeah I know, so newb! lol).

This mean looking machine monster was made by Ray Paulus aka BioRays, inspired by armandeo64 concept robo which now I even more convinced that this is one of the best Bionicle mech I’ve seen. The bulky shape, the black and gold colors, and the parts choice specially those Technic panels seems fits perfectly! Such an awesome job Ray!


Gangster Car

This 30’s Ford Model A was made by one of the best minifig scale car builder Calin (_Tiler) in 2013 and still as one of my favorite LEGO MOC all time. I’ve been planning to replicate this for quite a while (almost 3 years now…lol), but I only managed to replicate this not even half front of the car which I still keep it in my shelf. It’s just too many unusual and brilliant technique there which my head can’t keep up. Bravo my friend!

Last Man Standing

HF88 Minotaur

I always have a thing with walker mech type, and this beast made by Tim Zarki aka ѕроок in 2012 was inspired by a Hawken artwork here. I’m always amazed on builders who can make walkers with tiny legs on a large body like this one, those are sexy legs for sure!

HF88 Minotaur

Vote for Popeye on LEGO Ideas!



I love Popeye, he is one of my childhood hero! Not long after I’d done making this build, I thought hey maybe it can fit as a LEGO Ideas project and share it with everyone who love Popeye too 🙂 So if you want a Popeye LEGO set to be officially sold, please click the support button on this LEGO Ideas page, here:

It needs 10,000 supporters to reach the review stage. Please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites…and tell everyone you know to support it too! This Popeye set would not become a reality without your help. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Basic Info:
– Dimensions: Width 12 cm x Height 20.5 cm.
– Number of Pieces: (+/-) 391 pcs.

This LEGO Popeye model is perfect to be put as a display in your home, office or on your working table. There are 14 point of articulations spread on the neck, arms, hands, hips, legs and feet which makes this model really posable and can be played anyway you like 🙂

Behind the Build:
One of the reasons why I love Popeye is because it reminds me of my late father who have passed away more then a decade ago. Back then when I was a kid he’d always rent and show me a Popeye video whenever I’m eating my green vegetables (and yes, I still hate vegetables even till now), and one of the things I remember about Popeye is that eating vegetables and spinach can make you stronger! Now I have 2 boys of my own and I tell them the same thing, “Boys, eat your veggies so you’ll both be strong like Popeye!” 🙂

PS: If you happen to notice the missing pipe on his mouth then you are right; the new modern Popeye and the upcoming Popeye movie (whose trailer you can see on Youtube) isn’t using the pipe anymore, which fortunately fits with one of the rules in LEGO Ideas that prohibits the depiction of smoking 🙂