Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II

I always respect builders who start by sketching their plan before they start building and Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann is one of them. I knew him quite a long time a go before his build widely known by the FOL community worldwide, his build always looks bulky and sturdy, packed with lots of detail with bright color accent which I like it a lot from the first time I saw his work back then.

This Digueta Mark II is one of my favorite build made by him. Luckily he also share his WIP during the making of this build and I always enjoy when builder share their building process to know what and how they are thinking when they build it.

Here is the process:











And here is the final result:

Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II_D17


Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II


Other important note is, he also cleverly separate each section of his build which makes it easier to carry it anywhere, like this:

Body parts


This is the main body section:



These are the legs:





Body and legs assembled:





The final section is the head:



And finally, when placed in the hangar, just so awesome!

THE DELTA PLUS HANGAR SCENE featuring IWM Type 68 Diguetia




I survived, again…

This Iron Builder round will be end on April 7th, but due to time difference I’m not sure when is exactly…hahaha.

Now is April 7th at 1 AM in the morning in my time and this will be my last build for this IB round and also as a closure of a month of exploration I had 🙂

Well, this is a joke which meant to be me after a month of hell fighting the best I can for this IB round. A lot of fun and a lot of new things I learned, but I end up in a hospital due to severe exhaustion…hahahaha 😀

It’s a pleasure to play and fight this round against Rod Gillies which I admired a lot from far back when I just started to building my own MOC. Forgive me Rod if I choose the wrong words or my smack talk have offended you due to my poor English. I’m not good in doing smack talk and puns T_T.

Thanks to Guy and Nannan who are hosting this IB challenge, especially to Guy who convinced me to participate in this Iron Builder duel in the first place 🙂

Most of all, I sincerely thank you to all of you who supported me through this month with all your comments. I truly appreciated and that’s the only thing that makes me kept going on this month of hell. Again, thanks a million ton for you guys! You guys rock!!!

Some note and challenge for me in this round are:

  • Other scrapped idea that didn’t get through which you may find it interesting for you to use:
    1. Large Main Power Line (Micro Scale)
    2. Pesticide Sprayer Handle
    3. Toilet Paper Hanger
    4. Towel Hanger
    5. Zoo Fence (Minifig Scale)
    6. Music Box Handle
    7. Manual Hand Water Pump Handle (Minifig Scale)
    8. N1 Starfighter (Micro Scale)
    9. Tin Can Robot Antenna
    10. Tachikoma (Spider) Hands
    11. Tachikoma (Spider) Legs
    12. Ant’s or Insect’s Antenna (Flik-Bug’s Life)
    13. Micro Mech Bull’s Horn
    14. Snowed Tree Trunks
    15. Dentist Drill
    16. Highliner Train Electric Cable Hook (Micro Scale)
    17. Bus Stop (Micro Scale)
    18. Chair & Bench Legs
    19. Leaf Broom
    20. Car’s Front Grill
    21. Exosuit Controller Joystick
  • I have smaller part inventory from my last IB round, due to many build I made will be needed for my LUG’s display which I can’t break it down and use 🙂
  • No Bricklink and parts order I’d made for his round. It’s quite challenging actually but it’s fun since I need to think harder and can only use what I have in my inventory 😀

At the end, I never care much who wins or loose since I believed this competition have made me comes up with some of my best builds so far, trying something new, and challenge my own limit 🙂

Well, enough with the blabbering…

For behind this build, I’d got this idea when I watched Shaun The Sheep The Movie with my two sons, when the farmer were took to the hospital and there’s an IV pole there. Instantly I thought, hey I can build that using the seed part! Then I thought again, why am I thinking about the seed part when I’m watching cartoon with my sons, oh man this thing really get through me…hahahaha

Other thing behind this build was, those sand blue brick you saw there was all I got, therefore all the scene setup you saw was based on that sand blue brick space. The bed, the window, the curtain was all made based on that space to fit the overall composition.

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_32-01


Here is the final result:

IV Pole




My Ride


Again, this is one of those build that I have doubt what best should I present it besides The Airplane Cockpit and The Train Station Gate for this Iron Builder round, in fact though this might look just a simple speeder built, it is the most difficult and time consumed in this Iron Builder round for me to present it the way I want to.

It took me 4 different photosession in 3 different days. I actually got this idea and build the speeder in week 2 and took the first photosession using all brick built background.

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-10


Here is the result:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-09


But after I look at it again somehow I felt its a bit too boring and I think a real sand will looks better and I always want to try my hands on using real sands. The sand that I’ll need should be a small grain sand which I can’t use those construction kind of sand, therefore what option I can think of are using hamster bathing sand or play sand for kids. Play sand is cheaper since I need quite a lot, which then I bought 10 kg play sand on the weekend for this setup, and on week 3 I took another photosession, this time I tried outdoor.

Just as I expected from outdoor shooting that it will be unpredictable, all the sunny bright sky suddenly went cloudy all day, and this was the disappointing result.

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-08


Here is the result:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-07


Then at the same day, I took it to indoor shooting and here is the result:

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-06


Here is the result:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-05


Again…after all wrapped and finish, I look at it again…I’m not quite satisfied enough with the result, the surface of what it should be a dessert it kind a bit too smooth, I think I arrange the sand to neat and subtle, which take off the realism of a dessert. Then on week 4, again I try to take another photosession but now with a more natural arrangement of the sand, and I’m quite happy with the result, more than happy and satisfied from the 3 previous photosession result.

Actually this kind of thing happened a lot whenever I took a shot for anything, not just LEGO. I think it’s my way of trial and error to learning new thing, because when I felt that I got this new thing right usually I only replicate it when I meet another similar case, that’s why I always excited to get things right because it will makes the future case easier. Enough with my long story, so here is the final result that I’m most satisfied.

Here is the final model:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-02


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-03


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-04


Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_31-01


And finally here is the final result, which I most satisfied:



Indonesia has the most earthquake country in the world since we are located in the Pacific Ring of fire with a lot of tectonic activity, we have a disastrous tsunami back then in 2004 that sadly kills 170,000 people in Aceh.

As far as I know, until this day there’s no technology can detect earthquake before it happen the only thing that we can is to record when it happened with a seismograph machine, I hope one day we can find the technology and machine to detect it before it happened, for sure it will saves countless life.

Behind this build, as you can see in this photo setup, those are all the tan bricks that I have which was not enough to cover the table needed for the shot nor I have the privilege to make it in a rectangle shape table. Therefore I trick it by using the brick only what’s needed by putting my camera on a tripod and build the tan brick exactly like the perspective shape needed in my camera. As for the wall, I don’t have enough white bricks to cover that size, instead I use plate for making the wall.

One other thing that you might find it interesting is, those black hoses are Non-LEGO. Those are some kind of rubber seal I bought at hardware store. Like what Lord Business and Vitruvius said, it is a relic from the man up stair just like the lollipop stick that Vitruvius held that fit with a minifig hands and can act as a substitute for any LEGO bar and hose piece…hahaha.

I often use that piece since it can act as a substitute for Rigid Hose 3mm but way more flexible, since I need to bend the Rigid Hose if I choose to use it and once it bend it would be hard to formed back to straight and re-use it again and again. It’s extremely rare and difficult for me to find a Rigid Hose at reasonable price at our local Bricklink and secondary market, therefore I only use LEGO made rigid hose if it’s really necessary since I only have limited pieces of those and using a substitute is way more rational, but that’s a personal preferences though, for sure it will bother a lot for purists…hahaha, just kidding 😀

This build is inspired from a real vintage portable seismograph, hope you guys like it 🙂

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_30-01


Here is the tan brick shape, the red line was the only area needed for my camera angle perspective:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_30-02


Here is the final result:

Portable Seismograph

Good Morning!

I’m more to a night person, it’s extremely difficult for me to wake up in the morning or to concentrate doing works and things in the morning or day. At night everything seems clear to me, I work faster, think faster and more energetic. It’s a genetic curse I got from my late father. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it…and it’s not the force…darn it! Well everything becomes tougher to adjust and adapt for sure since the world works at day, well I’m doing the best I can each day to live with that…and still, why oh why it’s not the force!

Behind this build, those white technic pin connectors is the color I have the most and that’s all what you see there. If only I have more technic connector I could make a bigger room with a bigger curtain and using all the 12 seed part I have as the curtain hooks, I think it will look more awesome, but sometimes that’s the fun in building LEGO, to think on how to maximizing my part resource to build something or thinking what can I build with my limited part resource, for sure it can’t be an excuse for not to build anything because I only have limited part resource.

Well, enough with my blabbering…here is the final result of the curtain idea:



Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_29-01

Y-Wing Squadron

Like I said before, I’m not often and good in doing micro build since I’m not sure which is good or not, and this build is no exception. I think the shape of the seed part quite look like a Y-Wing ship in Star Wars, but to be honest I’m not sure…hahaha. Well I guess I let you to be the judge of that 🙂

Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_28-01


Here is the final result:

Y-Wing Ship

Gone for a Trip

No, we don’t have this kind of modern train station or any subway here in Indonesia. Our train station here a bit old fashion, just about 2-3 years ago it even a common thing to see passengers who don’t bought tickets sitting on top of the train, not just 1 or 2 people but full of people on top of all the economic class train but now things have change and improve, and I’m glad to know that 🙂

Here is the final result, before the station open for public:

Train Ticket Gate - Close


On public hours:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-02


The situation:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-05


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-06


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-07


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-08


Behind this build. I’m not sure what color is best for the background, if things like this happened, at the end I shot all option I can think of and decide it latter after I took the shot.

In this case, I’m not sure whether the background will look good in white or tan, though at the end I choose the white background since it look cleaner and not too cozy, but here is the second alternative I’d shot using tan color as the background:

Before public hours:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-03


On public hours:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-04


The photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_27-09

IGOR! Turn it on!

I think every monster and Frankenstein fans will know this scene well 😀

The idea actually is just a vintage electricity switch which then I thought it again would fit nicely to present it as a Frankenstein laboratory that happens also fits with the era of this kind of electricity switch.

Besides as the switch I also use the seed part on the Frankenstein’s monster head as electric connector. I’ve been tempted to add more seed parts in this scene, such as for the top of those electric current generator (those trans blue dish thing), or putting the seed part on top of the black machine on the right as an antenna receiver (instead that trans light blue tube), but then again I fear that those extra use of the seed part will dissolve the main idea of the electric switch and I’m not that good and know how to make all of those works in one scene without sacrificing the main idea which is an electric switch.

Other thing that I found quite difficult in this build was, it actually use 2 different scale which as a result there’s a slight forced perspective here. The background on the left is using a minifigure scale, and the foreground on the right with the electric switch panel is using a bigger scale than the usual minifigure.

Besides that it needs 2 different light intensity between the background and foreground for this scene to actually works so the switch can be the main focus in this scene. It’s quite difficult as I failed to achieve that in my previous build.

To achieved it, I had to block and tone down the light coming to the background with a piece of paper so it can have different intensity with the foreground, besides that I use a tripod in this shot and took different light intensity for me to compose it in photoshop which it turned out it helps a lot and I use 2 different shot (with 2 different light intensity) and composed it in photoshop to achieved the final result.

So here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_26-01


And here is the final result, hope you guys like it 🙂

Vintage Electric Switch


Like what people said. There’s an opportunity behind every door you found, it’s your choice whether to open it or not. We can only hope our choice is the right and best choice 🙂

Okay, besides this and this, I promise this will be my last idea involving door for this Iron Builder round…hahahaha. I just can’t resist not to sharing this idea since I think it really looks like my house’s front door handle.

Here is the setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_25-01


Here is the final result:

Door Handle