1950 Ford Radical Custom

I always have a soft spot when it comes to classic cars and sci-fi and this radical custom classic car by Tim Henderson hit my spot with double combo. The shape and design is just so cool it’s just like it came from a futurstic sci-fi movie sets in the 50’s. One other thing that really awesome is how he cleverly makes the front grill! It’s hard not to love this beauty for sure! Nicely done my friend! 🙂

1950 Ford radical kustom lead sled


1950 Ford radical kustom lead sled


1950 Ford radical kustom lead sled



Misty Night on the Bayou

When a great build met a great presentation and this is what happen. This build by Patrick Massey is so perfect, not just as a great build but to me this is more like an art or a beautiful painting which I’ll never get bored looking and enjoy it.

He used fog machine and Lifelites for the interior lighting and took an extra mile to take this shot, even his neighbor think his house was on fire because of the fog machine XD

Misty Night on the Bayou 2

Akira: Kaneda’s Bike

If you like sci-fi and haven’t seen Akira (1998), well you should! There are lots of inspiration from that awesome movie, notably the Kaneda’s bike. Though there are a lot of minifig scale LEGO Kaneda’s bike version you can find on the web, but I think this one made by Calin (_Tiler) is the best of it.

He is kind enough to share the instruction on how to make this beauty, but please use the common ethic, which means NO reselling, NO distribution, NO building of models for sale purposes, or else I’ll pray a lot of misfortune coming to you (nop, that’s no joke)!

Akira – Kaneda's Bike


Akira – Kaneda's Bike _14


Akira – Kaneda's Bike _13


Here is the step by step instruction:


Stacked Vignette

I actually made this on February for Bhinneka LUG public display at Dunia Bricks 2016. Though it may be small compare to other LEGO con and exhibition around the world, but it’s the biggest LEGO public display in Indonesia which held annually every March.

This was intended as a community build for our local FOL (Fans of LEGO) who interested to join in. This was what we did on 2014 with 52 stacked vignette displayed.

Community Build: Stacking Vignette for Dunia Bricks 2014


For this 2016 year, the result was surprisingly beyond expectation with total of 96 stacked vignette on display which I contribute 8 of them.

Here is the guideline rules that I set for this year. It should be on 8×16 plate with 10 bricks height + 1 plate height on the top:

Stacked Vignette_Template Rules


Here are all the stacked vignette that I contributed:


Stacked Vignette_01: Spongebob


TV Announcer (using LED Flashlight as the fig):

Stacked Vignette_02: TV Announcer


Kill Bill (using custom Kill Bill minifig which I made for MAYnifigure 2014)

Stacked Vignette_03: Kill Bill


Finding Flounder:

Stacked Vignette_04: Finding Flounder


Ping Pong:

Stacked Vignette_05: Ping Pong


Laundry Day:

Stacked Vignette_06: Laundry Day


Wedding Ceremony:

Stacked Vignette_07: Wedding Ceremony


Catch Me if You Can:

Stacked Vignette_08: Catch Me if You Can


Here is when all  of them being stacked:

Stacked Vignette 2016


Here you can see all the 96 stacked vignette by Indonesian builders (at 4:00):


So if you like making vignette and collecting them on your shelves without taking too much space, hope this could inspires you in someway to make your own stacked vignette 🙂


If you play LEGO Marvel’s Avengers video game then you’ll be familiar with this 1962 Chevrolet Corvette used by Agent Coulson’s called “Lola”.

Luckily Brickfilmers has recreated and providing an LDD file which you can download it if you interested to make one. Thanks Brickfilmers! 🙂

This picture below is what Lola looks, made by One Badawan based on the LDD file by Brickfilmers.

Lego Agent Coulson's Lola Review

Practical Effect

I always appreciate and prefer using practical effect than digital…well just look what they’ve done with the Star Wars prequel XD

This awesome shot by Shobrick is an example of what practical effect can do, not just as an awesome picture but it can gives you reality to some degree which you almost can feel that you are there.

The best thing of it, he is kindly enough to take an effort making a video to share how this shot was setup and how he did it. Lots of extra mile he went just to take this shot, but as you can see, the result is outstanding! Thanks for sharing this Shobrick! 🙂

"Everything is going to be fine honey"


Here is the timelapse vid of how he did it:

The making-of Jurassic

Police Lineup

What I like most about LEGO that it could act as a media for expression and creativity in countless way, and one of the thing that we can create using LEGO is comic strip. I found this comic strip a while ago made by Dark Alamez which I think is really funny.

As for myself, I found it difficult to think and create a funny or an interesting story for a comic strip or maybe just a simple scene. I tried several times and it’s tough T_T

Other than that, I also found that it’s quite rare to find a good funny scene or comic strip using LEGO, don’t believe it? Just google it and what you saw there mostly were made a long time ago and the good one is very few. That’s why I always respect those who can made one which I really enjoy it 🙂

Police lineup


One other thing that caught my interest here was that police line back there, I’m curious which I thought it was stickers at first, it turns out those are threads. Luckily he’s not just sharing his trick but also his photo setup which I think it’s very creative by using simple things to setup the lighting! Awesome job man! 🙂

BTS - Police lineup


Crazy Fusion

I love ideas, especially when it’s out of the box or some just simply call it crazy (in a good way of course), like this crazy out of the box crustacean fusion made by my friend mike m (LEGOMINDED).

The build is awesome, how he mash it up is excellent and didn’t look odd at all, it instantly took my imagination when I first saw this…what if minifigs really lives among us in the real world?

I bet this will be a common thing for us to look in our daily life, and what other possibilities that we might see and met in that world, it inspired me a lot and took my imagination far away and all comes from this simple yet crazy idea.

"Bio Organic  Crustacean Rider"

Armored Batman

If you have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and you’ll know that Batman’s armor isn’t as strong as it looks. But make no mistake, I bet this armored Batman made by Chris would gives Superman fig a very hard time for sure, well just look at it! I even like this Batman armor a lot more than the real one I saw in the movie. Such an excellent job here!

Batman v Superman: Armoured Batman

The Philosopher’s Stone Vignette Series

If you love Harry Potter, you should check out what Marcel V just done, he was making a series of vignette for the whole month of March, with total 27 delightful vignettes which you can see it in his album here.

But one of the vignette that caught my interest is his Mirror of Erised:

#014 - Mirror of Erised


There are 2 things that I found it awesome besides the vignette itself. One is the use of trans clear piece on black background as mirror, and two is the floor technique invented by legostrator here, kudos to both of you 🙂

floor pattern