Minifig Scale Tripod

Making a good tools and stuff for minifig scale isn’t as easy as it looks since adding one small element could be too much and removing one could be too less. It should use the right piece element and use it cleverly like what these builders did.

There are some good tripods around and this one made by Eddy Plu is the most recent I saw who cleverly use levers for the stand:



He also made an instruction on how he did it, if you use it please give Eddy a credit for it:



Here are other awesome tripods that might inspires you. This one was posted last year, made by Tyler who also use lever for the stand:

The Shot


This one is made by benlego, who cleverly use pistol piece and 6 rib handle for the stand:

Lego camera


The last one is made by Michael Jasper, one of my favorite minifig scale builder, who made lots of amazing stuff in minifig scale. He cleverly use some rare parts which are Technic fig hands, Technic Hub, Brick round with Scala based, and Black Technic 1/2 Pin.