Akira: Kaneda’s Bike

If you like sci-fi and haven’t seen Akira (1998), well you should! There are lots of inspiration from that awesome movie, notably the Kaneda’s bike. Though there are a lot of minifig scale LEGO Kaneda’s bike version you can find on the web, but I think this one made by Calin (_Tiler) is the best of it.

He is kind enough to share the instruction on how to make this beauty, but please use the common ethic, which means NO reselling, NO distribution, NO building of models for sale purposes, or else I’ll pray a lot of misfortune coming to you (nop, that’s no joke)!

Akira – Kaneda's Bike


Akira – Kaneda's Bike _14


Akira – Kaneda's Bike _13


Here is the step by step instruction: