Stacked Vignette

I actually made this on February for Bhinneka LUG public display at Dunia Bricks 2016. Though it may be small compare to other LEGO con and exhibition around the world, but it’s the biggest LEGO public display in Indonesia which held annually every March.

This was intended as a community build for our local FOL (Fans of LEGO) who interested to join in. This was what we did on 2014 with 52 stacked vignette displayed.

Community Build: Stacking Vignette for Dunia Bricks 2014


For this 2016 year, the result was surprisingly beyond expectation with total of 96 stacked vignette on display which I contribute 8 of them.

Here is the guideline rules that I set for this year. It should be on 8×16 plate with 10 bricks height + 1 plate height on the top:

Stacked Vignette_Template Rules


Here are all the stacked vignette that I contributed:


Stacked Vignette_01: Spongebob


TV Announcer (using LED Flashlight as the fig):

Stacked Vignette_02: TV Announcer


Kill Bill (using custom Kill Bill minifig which I made for MAYnifigure 2014)

Stacked Vignette_03: Kill Bill


Finding Flounder:

Stacked Vignette_04: Finding Flounder


Ping Pong:

Stacked Vignette_05: Ping Pong


Laundry Day:

Stacked Vignette_06: Laundry Day


Wedding Ceremony:

Stacked Vignette_07: Wedding Ceremony


Catch Me if You Can:

Stacked Vignette_08: Catch Me if You Can


Here is when all  of them being stacked:

Stacked Vignette 2016


Here you can see all the 96 stacked vignette by Indonesian builders (at 4:00):


So if you like making vignette and collecting them on your shelves without taking too much space, hope this could inspires you in someway to make your own stacked vignette 🙂