Police Lineup

What I like most about LEGO that it could act as a media for expression and creativity in countless way, and one of the thing that we can create using LEGO is comic strip. I found this comic strip a while ago made by Dark Alamez which I think is really funny.

As for myself, I found it difficult to think and create a funny or an interesting story for a comic strip or maybe just a simple scene. I tried several times and it’s tough T_T

Other than that, I also found that it’s quite rare to find a good funny scene or comic strip using LEGO, don’t believe it? Just google it and what you saw there mostly were made a long time ago and the good one is very few. That’s why I always respect those who can made one which I really enjoy it 🙂

Police lineup


One other thing that caught my interest here was that police line back there, I’m curious which I thought it was stickers at first, it turns out those are threads. Luckily he’s not just sharing his trick but also his photo setup which I think it’s very creative by using simple things to setup the lighting! Awesome job man! 🙂

BTS - Police lineup