Iron Man Hall of Armor

I made this a while a go and it’s a long process far back to 2013 when I just started building my own. Jon San Pedro’s Hulkbuster and Calin’s work was one of the thing that inspired me a lot to hunt for parts and try to build by myself. This Hall of Armor was made for my LUG contest back in September 2015 and meant for public display in a shopping center for a month. Finally I have the time to make this video which I always wanted to do since the event was done.Hope you enjoy the video ūüôā

DIY Photo Lightbox Tutorial

Before I have all the fancy photography equipment, back then when I was still studying at a design school, we as a broke students have to find ways and more creative to get at least the similar result like the pros for our photography class.

One of the the simple little secret we found back then was to use a lightbox to shot object to look like pros, and here is a video tutorial I made to make a simple basic DIY (Do-It-Yourself) lightbox tips. I hope it can inspires or can helps your photography result in someway ūüôā

Indonesia’s Old China Town

I started these builds since June¬†2015 to participate for my LUG’s community build celebrating Chinese New Year for Dunia Bricks 2016 at March 2016.

Indonesia itself is a multicultural country with lots of diversity spread across the nation with our national slogan’s “Unity in Diversity”. Having said that, there are a lot of Chinese heritage and ethnic lives in Indonesia which I’m one of them, but no…I can’t read and write Chinese, all the writing on the signs there are all copy-paste from Wikipedia…hahaha

This community build was meant as a nostalgic of a classic China Town in Indonesia which you still can find it now, though it looks a lot different with modernization here and there…well, not to forget added with too much classic Kung-Fu movies and shows…hahaha

Though the official modular building sets are the one that brought me back from my dark-ages back in 2013 which I’m still collect and following the series, but it’s one of the theme that I’m afraid the most since I think it’s hard¬†to top the official sets and I’m not skilled enough to do so. Therefore, I humbly present to you my first modular building that I’d made ūüôā

Here is the modular buildings:

Modular Building


A classic Chinese Tea House:
Inspired by an actual tea house.

Tea House






1st Floor Interior:





2nd Floor Interior:





A classic pharmacy & medical clinic named Po Chi Lam, inspired by Once Upon a Time in China, a classic Kung-Fu movie starring Jet Li:
Inspired by an actual shop/house.

Medical Clinic & Pharmacy House






The interior, with lots of drawers which is the characteristic of a classic medical clinic and pharmacy house:



Residence House:
Inspired by an actual house and lixia_1982.

Residence House






Vintage trucks used for moving goods and trading:

Vintage Truck








VIP passenger wagon:

VIP Passenger Wagon




Big Wagon:

Big Wagon


Small Wagon:

Small Wagon








Inspired by David Liming.



Nian (Chinese Lion Dance):
Inspired by Donna Liem.

Nian - Chinese Lion Dance


Dragon Boat Race:
Inspired by Anton Budiono.

Dragon Boat Race










Here is the video documentation of the¬†Indonesia’s Old China Town community build, made by Bhinneka LUG (start at 9:40):

Rockery House

This build was made by¬†deborah higdon¬†who’s one of my favorite builder and in my opinion she is¬†one of the best minifig scale interior builder around. She made this outstanding build a while a go with soooo¬†much interesting thing and awesome details for me to write and show it all here, I suggest¬†you to visit her album¬†and I bet you’ll be amaze! ūüôā







This is such an interesting idea, she use gelatin to fill the pool and hot tub, specifically it was¬†knox gelatin packages, mixed with water.¬†Based on what she’d experience, this was meant for public display purpose. The gelatin can last for 3 days if nobody touch it but if often touched it will grow mold on it on day 2.





One other thing that caught my eyes was how cleverly she use Garage Roller Door for the glass wall here, it looks modern and beautiful at the same time.



Here are some furniture she made for the interior with lots of clever part usage:










Sudden Trouble

At a glance this build by Ordo will look like just another ordinary vignette, but if you look closer there lots of complicated SNOT (Stud Not on Top) technique being used all over this vignette, from the backdrop wall to the floor.

He used SNOT technique so well in here that everything looks so natural to support the vignette story without stealing the show, and that is not an easy task in my opinion.

One other thing that caught my interest was the floor technique, luckily Ordo shares how he cleverly made that ūüôā Please credit him if you use this technique ūüôā

Sudden trouble


Here is how he made the floor:

Floor technique tutorial


Here is other vignette sample made by Ordo using the same floor technique:



Sometimes in life you’ll feel this kind of moment, regretting things¬†we have done and hope we could done it differently. This build by¬†Heikki Mattila¬†perfectly captured the mood and atmosphere of that feeling by using silhouette building technique. Nicely done Heikki!


The Simpsons

There are a lot of build inspired by The Simpsons character which is till one of my favorite cartoon to this day and very suitable for kids…(see what I did there)…hahaha.

This interpretation by SuckMyBrick, who is a specialist in brick character took the character in a more chibi style which I think it gives a fresh breath of air to all the characters! Though all in this lineup are awesome, but what I love the most are Ned, Willie, and Apu that really standout from the rest. Such a great job here!

The Simpsons


Here are each individual character:

Mr Burns






Lisa Simpson


Marge Simpson


Maggie Simpson


Homer Simpson


Bart Simpson




Ned Flanders


Groundskeeper Willie

Cosmic Booster Type

I first knew Chris Darmawan when he posted his technic MOC almost 2 years ago and now we happen in the same LUG (Bhinneka LUG). It turns out he also a Gunpla fans like I am, the difference is he still have the time and patience to paint Gunpla in his spare times besides building LEGO.

The¬†model was based from the Gundam Tiefsturmer, but somehow I like what Chris’ interpretation rather than the real model reference which I think very clutter, but maybe that’s just my personal taste.

This build was made for an entry for¬†Dunia Bricks, an annual public display and competition by our local LEGO distributor which held every March each year. It’s absolutely not a surprise that this build took home the Best Mech category in the competition, well just look at the shaping, details and size of this beauty! So awesome!

Congrats my friend, it’s very well deserved!

Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type


Cosmic Booster Type

Minifig Scale Tripod

Making a good tools and stuff for minifig scale isn’t as easy as it looks since adding¬†one small element could be too much and removing one could be too less. It should use the right piece element and use it cleverly like what these builders did.

There are some good tripods around and this one made by Eddy Plu is the most recent I saw who cleverly use levers for the stand:



He also made an instruction on how he did it, if you use it please give Eddy a credit for it:



Here are other awesome tripods that might inspires you. This one was posted last year, made by Tyler who also use lever for the stand:

The Shot


This one is made by benlego, who cleverly use pistol piece and 6 rib handle for the stand:

Lego camera


The last one is made by Michael Jasper, one of my favorite minifig scale builder, who made lots of amazing stuff in minifig scale. He cleverly use some rare parts which are Technic fig hands, Technic Hub, Brick round with Scala based, and Black Technic 1/2 Pin.