In every sci-fi era there’s always a dream of a jetpack, and I hope one day it will comes to reality…it would be fun for our legs to get burned ;)…hahaha

This idea was one of the ideas I’ve got that got me very excited since this can be an alternative to make any controller stick in minifigure scale, such as for mech pilot or even for construction vehicles that usually used this lever piece.

One of the thing I like about Iron Builder is that it will force me out of my comfort zone, specially to do theme and build that are less my favorite or themes that I felt I’m not too good at, like steampunk theme which I actually really like and enjoy. Back when I just started building in 2013 I’d made this Steampunk AT-RT as one of my early build. Now though it is a simple build, but I’m happy that I have to revisit the steampunk theme again.

Note that the rotating propeller effect and the light burst are not made in photoshop, it came from actual shots. The rotating effect was using bulb mode shutter speed which I manually rotate it with my finger, for the light burst effect it was achieved using an LED flashlight with slow shutter speed too.

Here is the steampunk era jetpack:
Jet Pack Steampunk


Here is in futuristic era:
Jet Pack Futuristic


Here is the simple photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_12-01


Another thing that I’m not too fond in taking a macro shot is because most of my minifigs are bought in used condition with lots of scratches or sometimes there’s a missprinted production such as fading or overlaped prints that I need to correct it in photoshop that it took times to do it. Here is one of an example of the editing process that I did.

Iron Builder 2016_Editing_13-01



Desk Lamp Series

As for myself, I always prefer to think that Iron Builder is not a duel to beat an opponent but more as a chance to challenge my self and to explore the usage of a specific part that I got as the mystery part, it’s less pressure and more fun for me to think in that way.

Having said that, though this Paint Roller Handle have been used as lamps in the official sets such as Detective’s Office and Master Wu Dragon, it’s too tempting not to explore it as lamps since there are still more possibilities to use this piece as lamps.

So here are some lamps that I’d made using that piece, for sure there are still more other possibilities that you can try for yourself 🙂

Desk Lamp Series


Here is the photo setup. The background is a piece of inkjet paper for printing since the matte surface is great in absorbing light to prevent reflection from the paper that will distract the model.

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_11-01


Every time I did this kind of treatment, “Fake Products Web page”. I actually have to work a lot in photoshop to clean up the dust and scratches since these are micro shot, even a tiny dust will look as big as a stone…hahahaha, but the toughest thing to do was always to change the white color background and to change the light level for all to look the same (since it never are somehow).

Here is the before and after editing. Look carefully at the first six lamps above. I set the White Balance to warm, to make the light bluish grey color of the object look nice, on the other hand it will also sacrifice the white background to more red-yellowish too. The last six below are after all the editing process done:

Iron Builder 2016_Editing_11-02


Knock, knock. Who’s there?

It would be extremely rare to find a door knocker like this in Indonesia, since most mid-class houses here using high steel fences and brick wall as their fence.

Whenever I start building, I always build based on what the model will be show for. For instance if it is for physical public display, what kind of display table would it be, would the viewer see the model in only 1 side, 2 sides, or all 4 sides. That’s where I always start my build, to make sure I can maximize my build for a specific purpose as needed.

Another example is, if the model will only be show and release as a picture/photo, I always make sure that it would be good as a photo and only build what’s needed for that purpose and this “Door Knocker” is a good example of how I did my things. Hope you may find this as an interesting technique if not quite a ridiculous one…hahaha

Here is the final shot:

Door Knocker


Here is the photo setup and the actual build, kind a ridiculous if you look it as a whole though…hahaha, the thing is I don’t need to build the whole door and only need a part of it, this will saves me time and effort, but not by sacrificing the final result which is a model intended for a shot…and no, I don’t have 1×2 dark blue brick and dark blue bracket, that’s why you only see 1×4 bricks and that’s one of the reason why I’m using this ridiculous technique by laying it on a baseplate instead building an actual vertical door.

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_10-01


Here is another example, my WW2 Titanfall intended for shooting purpose:

Titanfall World War 2


Here is the setup:

WW2 Titanfall


And here is for display purpose with only 3 sides view needed:

WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Angle 1


Sometimes in life you’ll find moments of pressure, which can be from works, family, finances, and achievements, those are tough time that we need to walk through cause like what people said…”What can not kill you only makes you stronger!”

Behind this build, it’s my 9th build for Iron Builder duel competition. Though it’s a simple idea and build, but so far I haven’t see an entry yet exploring the seed part in this angle and this way, the cute thing in this idea is that you can really twist (turn) the valve 😉

I wished I could present this gas valve idea with a more complex pipe works using all the 12 paint roller handle piece that I got for the mystery part, but the thing is (like in many cases of mine) those 14 yellow technic connectors that I used there are what I only have, therefore I don’t have a choice to present this idea in a minimalist way, well like what also people said…”Less is More”…but in my case, because I don’t have more…hahahaha…

Gas Valve


Photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_09-01

Home Sweet Home

I feel I’m home whenever I put my things like keys after I went home, and it’s a good feeling after I am away for a while. Though I don’t have this exact wall hanger like this in my house but I do have a hanger and a place where I put things just like this whenever I am home.

One of the thing that I always believe is that a simple idea could turn out to be good or bad depending on how we wrapped it, and this one is a good example of it. Using the seed part as a hook was one of the first thing I had in mind when I saw the seed part, my first thought to present this “hook idea” was to make a door hanger (for clothes and hats) placed under the back door of a teenage bedroom, using an LED Torch Flashlight scale and using Technic Plate as the based for the seed parts to look like a hook, but I still felt that it wasn’t enough, after days I kept this hook idea, I found other idea to present it just like what you see it here, using larger scale than the LED Torch Flashlight, and what I had in my mind this is much better than the teenager room idea.

Well this is my 8th build for the Iron Builder against Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine) and if you look that tan color wall, that’s about 90% tan color bricks that I have, so if you see a tan color backrdrop in my future build, that’s all coming from that wall which I need to break it down first whenever I want to use it again…hahaha.

Wall Hanger


Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_08-01

Riddle Me This!

Riddle me this! One month, one mystery part, one winner, one looser…who am I?

Well, I’m not quite good in making brick built figure specially on this scale, but I think the question marks idea would be best using this scale, so for those who’s wondering, what you see there was the back of The Riddler holding his stick on his back.

The Riddler


Photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_07-01

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_07-02


…the answer is Iron Builder!


Plowing the Field

One of the most difficult thing to do in Iron Builder is the smack talk, I always enjoyed when other builders did it but it’s difficult for me to write a line of smack talk because of my poor English and I do afraid what I writes would be took as a different meaning from what I intended. This plowing tractor build is no exception, what I found it tougher in this build was what to writes as the smack talk to go along with the build.

For the build it self, this kind of tractor actually is not quite familiar in my country since most of the farms here are planting Padi (rice) that need to be planted submerge in water, but one of the first idea came in my mind when I first gathering ideas for the seed part was it looks like a plowing machine behind a tractor that I saw in movies, so here it is…a plowing tractor, I hope I get it right 🙂

Plowing Tractor


Other angles of the tractor:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-01

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-02

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-03


Photo setup:

The table wasn’t enough to take this shot, so half of the baseplates actually hanging off from the tables..hahaha

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_06-04

On Vacation

I do enjoy micro scale build and have much respect to micro scale builder, they see and use part in a different way than a regular builder. Though I do love micro scale build, I don’t build much in micro scale…I think my brain just can’t easily see things like what micro builders did…hahaha. Here is another attempt in doing a micro build as my 5th build for Iron Builder competition, it’s a ski lift gondola (if you ever wonder) which I never saw it in person since I live in a tropical country…well I hope I get it right 🙂

Ski Lift Gondola


Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_05-01


Cooling Down

When I started to gathered and list my ideas from the mystery parts I got for this Iron Builder round, somehow I get the feeling that we will have some similar ideas specially the first thought and ideas that I’d found…like this Fire Extinguisher idea…hahahaha

The bad side is…whenever I finish a build and took a shot, I never post it right away…I always kept it first and see whether I’m satisfied or not in a day or two, if not I’ll do a reshoot again and again until I’m satisfied.

Well, now we have 2 similar ideas so far…one is the Iron as our first build, and now a fire extinguisher…hahaha, well I took this shot a few days a go. Surprisingly though we have the same idea, we used the mystery part in a different way…so well…nothing hurts to post it anyway…

Fire Extinguisher


Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_04-01

Evil Plan

I think light bulb is one of the object that oftenly used in Iron Builder competition besides zipper, fence, syringe, motherboard, tv antenna and many more…that’s why I actually planed to drop this idea.

But the thing in Iron Builder that I like and believe is that we’re not merely just pushing the use of the seed part, but also pushing our limit on how to present our idea using the seed part and what the seed part can effect as a whole in pushing our limit in a creation.

Therefore, it came again to my mind to explore and try making the lightbulb that usually build as a 3d object to make it in 2d object or flat like as in graphic drawing, then the one thing that makes this idea finally being executed was that I suddenly have an idea of an “evil plan” that I think will looks cute and will present this light bulb in a different way, I hope you guys like it 🙂

Light Bulb


Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_03-01