The idea actually to make a washbasin or a whole toilet interior where I can use the seed part as other object too such as toilet paper handle, towel hanger, flush handle, etc. but after I thought about it I think there will be a slight different scale to make those right, though I can force it and make it anyway but it will dissolve the main idea and it will just like putting the seed part as many as I can in one build which I think I’m not that good enough to make it works.

That’s why I comes up with this fountain drinking idea rather than only making a wash basin since it’s extremely rare to find one in Indonesia and on the other hand I saw a lot of washbasin build that are so good that I knew I can’t top those.

Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_21-01


Here is the final result of the drinking fountain which I imagine it at a public park:

Drinking Fountain