Abandoned Beauty

I blame Calin and W. Navarre on this one!…hahaha. Well, I can’t separate LEGO and Hot Rod without mentioning Calin, to be honest I never like the actual hot rod car until Calin frequently posted his hot rod car builds that are just too beautiful not to love which in a way he had successfully brainwashed my head and now I have to admit that I do like hot rod cars! Yes Calin! You’re responsible for that!…hahaha.

Having said that, there are lots of Calin’s influenced in this build and this is my second hot rod car after this Tony’s Stark Hot Rod car that I build.

For W. Navarre, he jokes about how I hated dust and scratches in my article here, which he said he prefer to have dust on his build to adds more realism which instantly gave me an idea to deliberately adding dust and dirt on a build. I got this hot rod exhaust idea quite a while actually and it went cold and planned to drop it but his jokes is what makes this idea finally good to go, I think it will fit with an abandoned garage idea, with dust, dirt and all. So thank you mate for the idea…do jokes more often 😉 …okay, now help me wash this up man!…hahahaha

Well here is the Hot Rod car model:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-05


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-06


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-07


Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-08


Here is the result before I add dust and dirt:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-01


Here is the photo setup after I added the dust and dirt:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-04


One other thing that I hope you guys find it interesting was that I have to gathered those dust and dirt by cleaning up some room by myself…hahaha, and those spider web you saw there are all actual spider web I’d found at my porch…hahahaha, but the great thing from this build was I don’t have to bothered to clean up all the dust and scratches in Photoshop…hahaha 😀

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-03


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_22-02


And here is the final result after I added dust and dirt. I’m quite happy and satisfied with the result and excited during the process since I never done this photo treatment before 😀

Hot Rod Exhaust

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