Taco Tuesday Announcement

Well Mr. President Business will give his announcement…please be quite…or you will be put to sleep!!!

Behind this build, my first thought actually was to make a stand microphone like what we usually see in a music concert, and one of my first idea was making an Aerosmith concert with Steve Tyler holding the mic, but since it will only use 1 seed part and the brick built singer will steal show therefore I prefer to go with the press conference idea which will make the seed part more visible as the main object of the scene.

Here is the photo setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_20-01


Here is the final result:


2 thoughts to “Taco Tuesday Announcement”

  1. Top notch work, Kosbricks! Your use of the seedpart is very clever, and it’s really cool to see whole setup that you created to take your main picture!

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