Up To Another Level

I always want to try making a space corridor like this, and I think this ladder idea fits well with space theme. Another thing that I always want to try my hands on is using external light as the main light to lightup an interior and I think it’s possible to do that with this build.

It turns out this build took longer to build than I expected before, it’s quite difficult for me to choose what parts will fits for the wall, it should look complex and technical but it shouldn’t be too clutter. I change a lot the look of the wall and what you see now it’s the best I can do…oh…well..:(.

Another challenge was to make the light entrance for the external light to pass through, not to mention the difficulties when I try to shoot it which it turns out there are lots of holes and gap that passing through and I have to revised the model here an there.

For the external light, I use two of my tracing table (that I used here) which I put on each side of the model, then I experimented using slow shutter speed until I get the right lighting.

Here is the actual build:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_19-01


Here are for the light entrance to pass through:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_19-03


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_19-02


Here is the end result, though it was far from perfect but I’m quite satisfied as my first trial using this external light technique: