Behind this build, actually I’d plan to drop this idea since I think nothing special using the seed part for this kind of classy door handle, but it came another idea as a door of hope which will fits with the shape of the seed part, the handle should look classy which make this difficult to replace it with other part. You can use Tap, Hose Nozzle Elaborate,  or Hose Nozzle Simple as the door handle but it will looks too modern and minimalist, not the kind of “Door of Hope” should be.

Another thing was, I always want to try and experiment with my Tracing Table that I have, this kind of table usually use in design or architecture industry for tracing or making a copy of a drawing or image. I think this idea would fit and finally I can use my tracing table for photo experiment since I want a bright light coming from the open door. Well I’m very satisfied with the end result and now I have another photo technique in my sleeve and I hope you guys like the technique and the end result too 🙂

Here is the photo setup using my tracing table:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_17-01


Here is when the tracing table was lit on:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_17-01


Here is the end result:

Twin Door Handle

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