Take Off

When I was a kid there are times when I wanna be a pilot, and just by looking at the cool cockpit just gives me another reason for that and here is my interpretation of an airplane cockpit.

Airplane Cockpit


Behind this build, actually I wanna make the background using LEGO, but the thing was I can’t figure it how to make a short airplane runaway that will looks like a runaway, therefore I choose another way that I often use, which is using an image as the background.

Sometimes I took a job for advertising industry to do some digital imaging (composing, retouching) with photohop, that’s why I always try to avoid adding background in photoshop since it’s too difficult and will took times to make it perfect. It’s because of a shot object always have a dimension that in result have a different blur depth all over it edge, and to replicate those different blur depth would takes too much time to do it.

Therefore I prefer to use this technique that I use quite often like in here:

New Virus!


Pencil Sharpener


Vintage Baby Stroller


Vintage Cassette Player


Which was using printed image as a background, I prefer this way because I wouldn’t need to bother taking care of the different blur depth edge and the best of it, it would give me a good reflection of the background on the object itself which adds to a more believable background.

Here is the setup and the printed image for the background:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_16-01


Here is another example, my Micro Chibi AT-ST I build back then using the same technique, here is the final result:

AT-ST Micro Fighter


And here is the photo setup:

AT-ST Chibi Micro Contest


After I took that shot, edited and ready to upload it, suddenly I have an idea on how to make the runaway in LEGO, and sometimes I hate this kind of moment since I have to do it all over again. So the solution was to use forced perspective by making the runaway with 1x2x3 slopes like what you can see in this setup:

Iron Builder 2016_Setup_16-02


Iron Builder 2016_Setup_16-03


And here is the final result after editing and etc:

Iron Builder 2016_Alternative_16-04


Somehow I can’t make the runaway lighting looks right, it’s too bright. It needed 2 different lighting intensity, one for the interior and another for the runaway and I can’t figure out how to trick it. At the end, I still choose the one with printed image background than using the LEGO background, it’s personal preference though which I know that some will not agree on that 🙂

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