Rumah Kebaya

This lovely build by Er win (rwinZed) is from a name of a traditional house of Betawi people, an ethnic group from Indonesia (which I live there). The name comes from the shape of the roof, which resembles a fold of the Kebaya form of dress. The fold can be seen from the side of the house.

The main characteristic of this house is its wide terrace, which may serve to receive a visitor and as a place for relaxing. In the past, Betawi society usually made a well in front of their house and funerals took place beside their house.

The wall is made from wooden panel which may be moved horizontally to enlarge the room. The house may be divided into two parts, for example the front of the house may be used as a public area, and the rear of the house reserved for private use.

Rumah Kebaya


For context, here is a picture of the real thing:


I love mech and robot theme and have made several small build no more than 5 inches, but I’d failed several times (like 3-4 times) when I’m trying to make a bigger one since it would required different technique to build it.

When I found this awesome AF4 mech by legorobo:waka (he is a Japanese builder and one of the best mech builders in my opinion). He was kind enough to provide an instruction of his AF4 mech for anyone to download it, there are lots of interesting and awesome technique (no wonder I always failed…hahaha).

Thanks for his generosity, after I followed and recreated his AF4, I finally can build a bigger mech using some of the techniques I found from his AF4. For those who have some difficulties like I did, I would recommend you to try to recreate his build to learn his awesome technique, and if you can read Japanese, you can visit his Blog here for more details.

Thank you, legorobo:waka!

Download Instructions (PDF):
(For personal use only. Selling this instruction and reproduction of the models for resale is strictly prohibited.)

▪ AF4 Head (212KB)
▪ AF4 Body (1.2MB)
▪ AF4 Arms (1.2MB)
▪ AF4 Legs (1.8MB)



It’s the name of Radagast’s house. Yes! he is the eccentric wizard from the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

This build by Jonas (Legopard) is awesome and big, but what caught my interest was the small details in this build (you should looks closely). The blue bird, the sledge, the rocking chair, and many more.

Rhosgobel - Radagast's House

Triumph Rocket III

I know I’m too small to ride this kind of bike to looks cool…hahaha (I’m 168 cm btw), but that never holding me back to appreciate the beauty of it.

This beautiful bike made by Henrik Jensen (henrik.soeby) is hitting all the right notes, but what really caught my eyes was those shiny custom chrome that makes this beauty doesn’t look like it was made by LEGO at a glance (in a good way for sure).

You can read his full description here.

Triumph Rocket III  (7)

Hello Kitty

I think every little girl specially in Asia knows and love the cute cat with a ribbon on her ear. Yes! It’s Hello Kitty.

I think this build made by car_mp is still one of the best small scale Hello Kitty I’ve seen, using sphere plates technique for the head.

Hello Kitty- Creations for Charity

Fury Road!

I never put high expectation on a remake movie, but Mad Max Fury Road exceeded all my expectation when I saw it. This awesome build made by Eero Okkonen (Pate-keetongu) who’s in my opinion is one of the best in human sculpture builds have captured the main characters so good that makes me want to see the movie again! Well done my friend…and you can visit his blog for more picture of this build…and more!

Fury Road!

Mech’s Skeleton

A lot of collector FOL (Fans of LEGO) I’ve known turned to be a builder because of mecha theme, specially Gundam and Japanese Mechas style. There are a lot of technique in building mecha and one of them is using an inner skeleton which then wrapped with separated external armor, this technique would make any changes on the external armors a lot easier.

This awesome MF-01 Cougar made by Moko (LEGO DOU Moko) is a sample of using the skeleton technique.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is the inner skeleton and the external armors.

MF-01 Cougar


Here is another awesome example, Gundam Barbatos made by 한 성욱 (Piggy brother), I’m sure will inspires a lot of FOL.

Gundam Barbatos


Here is the inner skeleton.

Gundam Barbatos


I’m keen to try this technique in the near future for sure, thanks for sharing it guys!