Crocodile Dundee

A great photo could make your LEGO looks alive and real, and this scene by Dark-Alamez was one of them.

"Crocodile" Dundee VS Alligator Bambi.


Luckily he was kind enough to share the behind the scene setup, and yes! That’s the magic of photography! How an awesome shot comes from a simple setup (and sometimes ridiculous). Bravo my friend!

Setup for "Crocodile" Dundee VS Alligator Bambi.

Vila Amanzi

This epic build made by Robert Turner (rt_bricks) was one of the best modern house build I’ve seen back then, all I can think when I saw this was, “I wanna live there for the rest of my life!”

See the detail and the night version using some lighting works in his album, here. So beautiful!

Villa Amanzi

World War 2 Titanfall

It’s a mashed-up between Titanfall and World War 2, sets in an alternate universe.

This was one of the most difficult and frustrating build I’d made, I guess due to my lack of skill…hahaha. It was my 4th attempt to make what you see as the final build and thanks to this AF4 that I can finally make a bigger mech, that tan building there was inspired by the work of BrickCityDepot.

If you interested, I’d made a video showing the process and breakdown of this build.

Titanfall World War 2


WW2 Titanfall


The Details:

WW2 Titanfall


The Photo Setup:

WW2 Titanfall


On the maintenance hangar:

WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Angle 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 2


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 3


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 4


The Cockpit:

WW2 Titanfall

Washingtonia robusta Palm Tree

There are many palm tree techniques out there but I think this one made by my friend Jimmy Fortel (6Kyubi6) is one of the best palm tree I’ve seen, which you could try it yourself (I did and the result is awesome). Thank you for sharing this Jimmy!

Lego Washingtonia robusta Palm Tree

(For personal use only. Selling this instruction and reproduction of the models for resale is strictly prohibited.)

GL Silent Watcher

Intimidating, cool, and black…what more to not loving this build! This awesome black aircraft by Josiah N. was meant to be fit with the Ultra Agent themes and I think he’d succeed! It turns out that this also his LEGO Ideas project which you can vote here if you want this build to be an official set from LEGO. Good luck, Jos!

Silent Watcher Ver 2.0


And hey! It has a cool interior too!

A Rising Builder

When I first saw Kelvin Low‘s (chubbybots) small mechs and bots back then when he was just a newcomer, you can tell a talented builder instantly. I’m very amazed on how and what he did, knowing that all the pieces he used most are from Mixels sets, but what really caught my interest was his sense of shaping and proportion was just, so, so good!

I told him that in time when he have a larger part collection to build bigger mechs I bet it will be awesome as heck, and yup he sure did which you can find his bigger scale mechs below!

If I can bet to him again (how about a cup of coffee, Kelvin 😉 ), I’m sure that these all are not the end of his limit, it’s just the beginning of his journey to become one of the best mech builder in the world.




JD Frame - 03



His recent bigger scale mechs:




Steampunk Mech

You may have saw a lot of awesome Steampunk builds using brown and gold colors, but it’s like a breath of fresh air whenever I see a builder using other colors like this outstanding build by Moko (LEGO DOU Moko), but not just the colors alone that makes my eyes pop…the shaping, proportion, and details of this mech and the minifigs are all so good and well thought! Well done, Moko!

You can see more photos and details in his blog here.

Steampunk Mech

Republic Avenue Mansion House

I do collects LEGO modular building official sets, in fact it was that theme that really brought me back from my dark ages in 2013.

That’s why I always enjoy modular building builds made by FOL (Fans of LEGO) like this one beautiful house by Fichez Valentin. What I really like from this build are the composition and the color scheme that looks calm and nice, all I can think is I wish I could live there. Superb job Fischez! You can read his full description here.