World War 2 Titanfall

It’s a mashed-up between Titanfall and World War 2, sets in an alternate universe.

This was one of the most difficult and frustrating build I’d made, I guess due to my lack of skill…hahaha. It was my 4th attempt to make what you see as the final build and thanks to this AF4 that I can finally make a bigger mech, that tan building there was inspired by the work of BrickCityDepot.

If you interested, I’d made a video showing the process and breakdown of this build.

Titanfall World War 2


WW2 Titanfall


The Details:

WW2 Titanfall


The Photo Setup:

WW2 Titanfall


On the maintenance hangar:

WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Angle 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 1


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 2


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 3


WW2 Titanfall Hangar - Detail 4


The Cockpit:

WW2 Titanfall