I love mech and robot theme and have made several small build no more than 5 inches, but I’d failed several times (like 3-4 times) when I’m trying to make a bigger one since it would required different technique to build it.

When I found this awesome AF4 mech by legorobo:waka (he is a Japanese builder and one of the best mech builders in my opinion). He was kind enough to provide an instruction of his AF4 mech for anyone to download it, there are lots of interesting and awesome technique (no wonder I always failed…hahaha).

Thanks for his generosity, after I followed and recreated his AF4, I finally can build a bigger mech using some of the techniques I found from his AF4. For those who have some difficulties like I did, I would recommend you to try to recreate his build to learn his awesome technique, and if you can read Japanese, you can visit his Blog here for more details.

Thank you, legorobo:waka!

Download Instructions (PDF):
(For personal use only. Selling this instruction and reproduction of the models for resale is strictly prohibited.)

▪ AF4 Head (212KB)
▪ AF4 Body (1.2MB)
▪ AF4 Arms (1.2MB)
▪ AF4 Legs (1.8MB)


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