VW Camper Van

I always have a thing with classic cars, though I love it but I don’t have the patience for maintenance. This VW Camper is one of my fave classic car all time due to it’s revolutionary weird (but beautiful) at that time.

Since I’ve bought the 10220-Volkswagen Camper Van, I always wanted to build the minifig scale to be put at my city layout for quite a while and after more than a year I managed to build it in 2014. The front face of the car is inspired by nuno2500 work.

If you interested, I’d made a video breakdown of this build.

VW Camper - Front


Small doesn’t mean easy!

Lots of people think small build is easy to make than larger one, though in a way that claimed is true, but to make this small mech with a good shape and proportion like the one made by Greg Strom (Mitten Ninja) it’s not as easy as it seems. Don’t believe me? How about let’s try one then, just for fun 😉

Hellion "Red Devil"


I followed and love the Evangelion anime series, the story is great and the giant bio-machine looks so weird yet so cool at the same time.

This Evangelion build by Moko, a mech-specialist Japanese builder in 2013 is still one of the best LEGO build Evangelion there are in my opinion. Look closely since your eyes can deceive you, the scale of this build is so enormous with 120 cm in height and 9,4 kg in weight!


Paint? Why not!

For most of builders out there, it’s consider a taboo to paint our LEGO brick, but is it wrong? I’ll leave it to each individual to judge that. As for me, I think LEGO as a medium for art to express ourself, there is no wrong and right as long as you feel right and happy.

This awesome art-build made by : VolumeX : is sure an awesome example of it!

Maschinen Krieger: Hooverwen BZ 900

Orang Utan

If I translate Orang Utan literally to English, it would mean, “Jungle Man”. Orang Utan is one of the extant great apes, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Currently can only be found at Borneo and Sumatra’s rainforests.

This build by AnActionfigure, who I think is one of the best animal brick sculptor out there, have captured the shape and attitude of Orang Utan perfectly!


Vintage Bike

City and modular building was the theme that got me back to LEGO again. One of the thing I hate the most is the pre-made LEGO bike from the official set, since I think it doesn’t look like a real motor bike.

This bike was one of the first MOC (My-Own-Creation) I’d made and was inspired by Calin (_Tiler) works, who’s kind enough to give some tips back then, thanks Calin! I’d made a video tutorial on how to make this bike, so you too could also try it at home!

Vintage Bike



There are lots of variety of orchid in Indonesia (my home country), from the common one to the rarest, which in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful flower in the world.

Nannan Zhang a respected builder who’s well known for his brilliant NPU (Nice Part Usage) comes with this beautiful Orchid build using some unusual pieces for the flower petal that I’m not sure what it is, all I know that the vase is using a piece from the Heartlake Hot Air Baloon. It’s just so brilliant!